Benefits of Dragon Fruit for Health You Need to Know

Gorgeous fruit with a red skin is so many benefits to the health of the human body. Dragon fruit has a physical that is unique, from the chaff-like dragons until its flesh is red concentrated but some are white. Its flesh is almost similar to the Kiwis, there are black beans in it, but the meat on the Dragon fruit has a sweet taste.

Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit comes from Central America, and then exported to several countries of the subtropical Southeast Asia such as Indonesia and Viet Nam. The Latin name of Hylocereus undatus fruits namely, have fairly low in calories as well as many nutrients contained ranging from vitamin C, B vitamins, calcium, fiber, phosphorus, protein, antioxidants, and the captin.

There are still many who think that dragon fruit with red and white meat has different nutritional content, but actually the same. This fruit is also safe for consumption by all ages, even for pregnant women. The way to consume it is quite easy, just split it into two parts and then take the contents, or you can blender it to make juice. Benefits of dragon fruit include:

1. Prevent diabetes

The antioxidant content in the fruit also serves as one of the ways to prevent diabetes mellitus. Antioxidants are able to kill cells of the evil diet and unhealthy life pattern. In addition, because of the very low sugar levels make this fruit also safely is consumed diabetics.

2. Able to prevent cancer

In General red fruit contain lycopene in the flesh, just as you would on a dragon fruit. The content of lycopene on Dragon fruit has been shown to reduce the risk of developing cancer of the prostate. Not only is the content of lycopene, an antioxidant hytoalbumin also able to prevent the formation of free radicals in the body and disposing of carcinogenic toxins that can lead to cancer.

3. Helps reduce weight

For those of you who are on a diet to maintain an ideal body weight, dragon fruit can be included in your snack or breakfast menu. Dragon fruit is rich in fiber and low in calories, which can make you feel full quickly without the need to fear gaining weight. In addition, the many fibers can also help digestion to become smoother.

4. Help the detoxification process

The benefits of Dragon fruit are very powerful for the detoxification process. Dragon fruit as a source of antioxidants can reduce the presence of free radicals on the body. Process expenditure toxins from the body or so-called Detox will be more smooth, the body so much healthier.

5. Being able to prevent high blood pressure and heart attacks

In addition serves to prevent cancer, Lycopene also has a function as lowering high blood pressure and prevent the attack of heart disease. That’s because black beans on Dragon fruit contains fatty omega 2 and 6 are capable of preventing cardiovascular disorders.

6. Help digestive problems

Do you often find it difficult to defecate? The benefits of dragon fruit can be the solution. High fiber content in dragon fruit can help your digestion to be smooth and treat constipation. The protein content can make your body healthier and fresher.

7. Increase appetite

For kids that are difficult to eat Dragon fruit, it could be the right choice for consumption. Dragon fruit has vitamin B1 and B2 are able to increase the appetite becomes increased. Children are so heartily and not hard to eat again.

8. Assist growth and bone health as well as waging a blood circulation

Dragon fruit also contains calcium which can maintain the health of your teeth and bones. In addition phosphorus and iron are also able to help blood circulation and repair damaged tissue in the body.

Those are some of the benefits of dragon fruit that you need to know. Let’s start now living a healthy diet, one of which is by diligently eating dragon fruit. Besides being delicious, the nutrients contained in the dragon fruit will keep your body healthy.