Benefits of Corn for the Body Health

Corn is one of the producers of the carbs are very important. Although wheat and rice producing carbohydrates were touted as the best, corn is also not less with both food crops.

Benefits of Corn for the Body Health 1

Do you know if it turns out the corn did not lose benefits than rice? For those of you who cannot leave the rice as a staple food, there is no harm in also to start consuming corn as a distraction.

After a variety of research, corn was crowned as food crops with a myriad of benefits are good for the body. The benefits of corn that is good for the body include:

1. Block Cancer with Corn

Most of you must have had a deep fear to cancer. By hearing the name alone pisses you definitely fear. But it’s now been found powerful ways to combat cancer at early stages. You don’t need to spend a lot of budget, sufficient corn consumption only.

According to various studies carried out by experts, corn contains phenolic acids. Phenolic acid is an anti-cancer agent that has been proven to fight tumors in breast cancer and liver cancer. This one corn benefit is really cool isn’t it?

2. Prevent Anemia

Most of you surely do not know if corn can prevent anemia. Blessed are you who are afraid to be exposed to anemia, because now with the eating corn, you can prevent anemia. This is because it turns out in the corn contained vitamin B12 which is already proven to prevent anemia caused by vitamin deficiencies.

In addition to vitamin B12, corn also contains vitamin B2. This one has a vitamin that functions as the keeper of the balance of the body’s cells. In the corn also contained iron good for the formation of red blood cells. You need to know, if you iron deficiency anemia affected you, the risk is greater.

3. Create a healthy heart

Who says oil is always bad for the body? If you are always hostile to oil, it’s better now that you start making friends with this one oil. Apparently, corn oil has an anti-atherogenic effect on cholesterol levels. Anti-atherogenic effects function to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Close to the optimal combination of fatty acids, making corn oil is one of the best ways to maintain heart health.

4. Corn rich in minerals

Are you confused finding the mineral selenium in food? Now you do not need to be confused anymore, because it turns out in the corn contained the mineral selenium. Not just that alone, corn also contains a variety of minerals that would have been beneficial for the body, among others, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, and iron can be found in all kinds of corn.

You need to know that phosphorus is essential for regulating growth, bone health as well as to maintain the function of the kidneys to function with optimum. For those of you, who have diabetes and hypertension, is highly recommended for consuming corn instead of rice.

5. Fulfill the needs of Fiber

Do you know if corn is fiber rich foods? Thus, the corn is great for you who have a digestive system that is less smoothly. For you who already have a digestive system that smoothly, doesn’t hurt also to eat corn.

Diligently eating corn, you can prevent constipation, hemorrhoids, and risk of developing colon cancer. For you who want to diet, it is recommended also for diligently eating corn because you’ll feel full longer.

That’s the benefit of corn are no less good with rice for your benefit. After you know the many benefits of corn that has been described above, then you need not hesitate to start again more often consume maize. Corn is not just a can of boiled or steamed, but you can also make a variety of food with the basic ingredients of corn.