Benefits of Aerobic Gymnastics for Your Body Health

Aerobic gymnastics was popular since the late 1970’s, but until now the aerobic gymnastics were not forgotten and abandoned by the public. Every Saturday or Sunday morning in city parks, you certainly often see groups of people who’re aerobic gymnastics.

Benefits of Aerobic Gymnastics for Your Body Health 1

As it turns out, not only in city parks, many also perform aerobic gymnastics at the fitness center or gym. Aerobic gymnastics is a series of motion combined with the rhythm of the music.

Movements in aerobic gymnastics looks relaxed and tend not to need more power to do. In fact, when you do aerobic movements in gymnastics, you control the entire section shall, where the muscles of the hands, legs, and hips are used.

In addition, with gymnastics on this one, you can also increase the rate of respiration and heart rate. With this change in metabolism, aerobic give positive impact to the body. Aerobic gymnastics among other benefits:

1. Lose weight

Aerobic gymnastics is said to be the most effective exercise to lose weight. When you do gymnastics movements with agile, you burn calories with optimal.

2. Extend the life

Aerobic gymnastics can also strengthen bone. Not only is it a casual sports wrote, it could also keep the brain function and prevent senility. Based on a study in 1986 at Harvard University that is written in the New England Journal of Medicine, it turns out there is a connection between longevity scientifically with the sport.

3. Increase the level of Happy

Gymnastics can release hormones endorphin. Endorphin hormone is a hormone that can make you happier and can also help reduce stress. By doing the exercise, you can also sleep soundly at night. Sleep soundly turned out may affect the mood in the following day.

4. Prevent heart disease

Do you know if aerobics is well suited to prevent developing heart disease? Gymnastics this one could stabilize heart rhythms and improve levels of cholesterol good so it can lower the risk of heart disease so that you can have a healthy heart.

5. Prevent any Disease

By exercising regularly, you can also prevent a terrible disease. As with other gymnastic gymnastics, this one turned out to be really potent, cholesterol to prevent cancer, heart attacks, and strokes.