Are You A Forgetful Person? These 8 Solutions to Address Them

You may often have all of a sudden you find the mobile you in bed. Not mobile you can run, but you forget when previously puts it on the bed, guest room table instead.

Are You A Forgetful Person? These 8 Solutions to Address Them 1

At present “forgetfulness” can not only be experienced by parents whose memory has decreased or is usually called senile, but can also befall you who are still relatively young. Stress, poor quality and sleep, lack of food intake and trauma are some of the reasons you become forgetful person.

Surely you don’t want to keep right so people are forgetful? Well this time we will provide solutions to address illness “forgot” that you are experiencing. Like what to do? Refer to the explanation in the following:

1. Create a schedule

One of the easiest ways to tackle the disease “forget” you are with the schedule of activities what will you do today and also in the next days. Make a reminder on your calendar, phone or post it tacked on a computer screen so that no jobs are forgotten. In addition to minimize the possibility of their work is missing; this schedule can also train you to become a more disciplined and organized.

2. Organize the important stuff

This is another solution for you who often forget to carry important items like the ATM card, VEHICLE REGISTRATION and car phone. The intention initially to the mall for shopping, but now want to pay new suddenly remember that you do not carry a credit card or debit, cash in the wallet also live a little.

Therefore, make it a habit to tidy up and classify important items that you always have to carry while traveling. For example, keep an ATM card, credit and ID card in the wallet that you always carry. For vehicle registration, keep it in the vehicle registration wallet that integrates with the car’s key so it won’t be left behind when you want to travel with a car.

3. Brain ability Training

Forgotten disease can also be caused by the brain are less trained and rarely sharpened. Therefore, don’t forget to train the brain to work optimally. You can learn to do things that are creative and the game can sharpen the brain ability is like a puzzle and Rubik.

This game certainly will make the brain you so feel challenged to work more and up. So, when faced with a problem and a heavy work, brain you have become accustomed.

4. Sleep regularly

The quality and timing of sleep also affects brain ability in saving the new memory in a long time. Increasingly short sleep times you, the brain’s ability to recall any memory weakened, so did the opposite.

This has been demonstrated in a study with the respondent’s people who sleep less than six hours. When confronted with the memory test, the results they have difficulty remembering the short-term memory.

Therefore, do not ignore the time and quality of sleep you. Bed time which you may deem a minute was enough to overcome the fatigue of the body, but not for the brain. As best I can sleep 8 hours a day, or unwind the moment you begin to feel exhausted, don’t enforce you body and brain work.

5. Relax your mind

Disease “forgot” can also be caused by stress due to the demands of a job that has become a daily routine. Well one way so you can stop being a forgetful person is to do activities outside routines such as gardening, the practice of meditation and yoga, or do a light sports after work or in the home the day of the weekend.

Study conducted by researchers from the University of Illinois Beckman Institute has proved that doing exercise regularly can sharpen the speed of thinking and increase the volume of brain tissue. Listen to music with the soothing strains of before bed can also make your brain more relaxed after a day of activity.

6. Avoid chewing gum too long

During this time many people who think that chewing gum can improve the ability of the brain. But the habit for too long to stop eating until the sweetness on the gum is gone, it will make the brain’s ability to store short-term memory is declining.

This has been proved by research conducted by Michael Kozlov, a psychology expert from Cardiff University. From the research he discovered the fact that chew the candy because it has bad effects against memory. Increasingly lost the flavor of chewing gum, and then getting worse also impact on the memory of people who chew it.

7. Complete the tasks one by one

The focus was split due to doing some work at the same time the brain will force you to work too hard, which could eventually lower the performance of the brain and memory. Therefore, create jobs you so much simpler. How, get some work done you one at a time, not all at once. That way, the burden of mind you no doubt will be lighter.

8. Never skip breakfast

Breakfast in the morning was indeed being the most important meal time because other than as a source of energy for the body, breakfast can also maintain and support the development of brain cells to stay healthy.

You start the day with a healthy menu such as foods rich in protein, fiber and omega 3 as a combination between salmon and egg sandwich with milk or fresh fruit juice. You can also drink supplements of omega 3 for insufficient intake of omega 3 as needed by the brain cells connected to the running of their performance well.