Alternative Natural Cough Remedies from Everyday Natural Ingredients

When the weather conditions are not friendly, this will make the body drop easily. As a result, many diseases came to attack. Now one of the diseases that most often occur when the weather is bad is coughing.

Natural Cough Remedies

In general the heat will be accompanied by cough fever and nasal congestion, a combination of the flu and a cough that would certainly make you so no spirit of live daily activities. In addition to medical treatment to the doctor, it turns out that there is a natural cough medicine that can cure coughs, among others:

1. Warm Ginger

The cold of the night makes you need a warm drink of ginger stew. Besides being able to warm the body, ginger stew can also be used as a natural cough medicine. When coughing is uncontrolled at night, boiling ginger can help you relieve coughing and relieve throat instantly. Its antioxidant content can kill bacteria and viruses in the throat canal, and increase immunity with the gingerol compounds in the body.

How to make it also easy, cook or simmer enough ginger slices into three cups of water for 15 minutes, lift and strain, then add one tablespoon of honey. Drink while warm.

2. Lemon & soy sauce

Natural cough remedies one is already very common try to cope with cough. The high content of vitamin C than lemons are able to treat coughs and increases the body’s resistance against various attacks of the disease.

The content of essential oils in lime is also able to relieve coughs and provide a sensation of relief in the throat. To make natural cough medicine, it is also quite easy, prepare lime juice and soy sauce, and mix the two ingredients. Then drink two to three times a day until your cough doesn’t come back.

3. Kencur

Like lemon, kencur also has a volatile content that can make your throat feel more relieved by regulating the muscles in the respiratory tract. In addition, kencur also provides a warm sensation like ginger.

With kencur you can warm up your body while making your throat become sticky. How to make it, first clean the kencur and peel, grated and then squeeze the juice from the water. Finally add salt and water, mix well. We recommend that you take this natural cough medicine before bed.

4. Fruit Wine

The grapes have a high nutrient content. In addition to great for digestion, bowel cleanse, purify the blood, the wine is also one of the fruits that can be used as a natural cough remedy. Expectorant properties on the grapes were able to secrete mucus that accumulates in the respiratory tract. To consume this fruit you can eat directly, or it could be processed into juice.

5. Almonds

It turns out that there are still many who do not know that almonds could serve as natural cough remedy. The many benefits of almonds start of overcome constipation, anemia, diabetes, cardiac disorders, and even mild pain such as cough.

How to cultivate the almonds into medications namely, first provide some grains of almonds, soaked in water overnight, then puree the beans mashed or blended until soft like pasta. Combine with 1 spoon of butter. The consumption of these drugs as much as two to three times a day until the cough is gone.

6. Carrot juice

The carrot is famous for its vitamin A content, which is able to improve the performance of the power catch the eye and protect the skin from the dangers of sun exposure. In addition, its antioxidant content can also help the body to fight off free radicals.

Carrots contain more nutrients and vitamins so able to cure a cough naturally. How to make it, prepare four fruit carrots and clean, then add water to taste and blend. Carrot juice is ready for consumption.

7. Warm water

It has been from the days of our ancestors that white water is known as a powerful remedy to cure stubborn coughs. The growth of bacteria and viruses in the body can be inhibited by diligently drinking warm water.

In addition, by drinking warm water the throat also feels more relieved and comfortable. Drinking warm water can be your first aid when coughing strikes, besides being easy to get is also effective for you to try.

Those are some natural cough medicines that you can use to relieve stubborn coughing. However, if the cough is past two weeks, see a doctor immediately. Come on, prevent coughing with a healthy lifestyle and enough rest.