Advantages and Disadvantages of Laser Hair Removal to Remove Hair

You have many options for hair removal-hair on certain parts of your body that you don’t want, but you have to consider everything before making a decision. You can shave it all quickly, but the hair can grow back in a matter of days. Hair depilatory creams can be eroded in a matter of minutes, but they have a tendency to smell pungent.

Laser Hair Removal

If you want a more thorough hair removal, you can consider waxing or sugaring, which deprive the hair from the root. Hair will not grow for weeks, but the process of waxing is painful, itchy and will be on the process of growth of hair.

There is an option that is more durable, such as electrolysis. Electrolysis uses a fine needle inserted into each hair follicle to transmit electric current to kill hair follicles. If you think the process is going to be painful, this is indeed true and this process also seized much of your time.

This is called electrolysis with laser hair removal, semi permanent hair removal option that works with popular damage hair follicles to minimize hair growth. The laser will detect hair exclusively with focus on the pigment cells that are located in the hair follicles.

After the melanin in the hair targeted, laser burns the entire hair follicles and roots. This process is carried out in several sessions. But before you do laser hair removal, you should know first what are the benefits and disadvantages of laser hair removal here.

The Advantages of Laser Hair Removal:

1. Pain level problems, laser hair removal is sick but not as painful as waxing. The technicians usually use ice to help notice the area before and after laser treatment, or can also use numbing cream so it won’t hurt at all.

2. Although laser hair removal does not remove hair forever, but there will be differences in drastically reduce hair growth, and you don’t have to shave every week, even months.

3. You can do laser hair removal anywhere in your body, among others, in the leg, back, armpits, stomach or femininity, part of the face.

Disadvantages of Laser Hair Removal

1. The price is quite expensive. Unlike the price of hair shaving or waxing, it costs many times more expensive folding.

2. The main disadvantage of Laser Hair Removal is the old process. Hair removal sessions in the armpit laser need less than one minute. However, it takes several sessions to see the results and you usually have to wait six weeks between treatments without shaving.

3. If carried out by untrained technicians, laser hair removal can leave burns or scars on the skin. Unfortunately, the licensing procedure varies from one State to another State, and sometimes there is no requirement at all.

4. Laser hair removal works best on bright skin with dark hair. In patients with darker skin color, skin pigment of contend with hair follicles at the time the laser work. However, this does not mean for darker skin types laser hair removal will not work.

Beware of the laser spot is not convinced and sure that the doctor you will have to visit the official certificates and operating in place of the official. Laser treatment is not taught in medical school, so the doctor who did the laser treatment also requires special training and certification.

That’s the benefits and disadvantages of laser hair removal. Are you interested in doing so?