Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Glasses and Softlens

Basically the glasses and softlens have the same function, that is as a tool for people who have vision eyesight like minus, plus and cylinder. The difference between the two is how the use and treatment.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Glasses and Softlens 1

Softlens or also known as contact lenses are used in a way put it directly on the eyeball, precisely at the surface of the cornea of the eye. While the use of glasses hang him way on both ears and nose bones.

At present, not a few sufferers of eye disorders who used to use glasses switch to contact lenses. But there are also those who decide to keep on using glasses for certain reasons. Well before deciding to choose glasses and softlens, it’s a good idea to know the advantages and disadvantages of glasses and softlens first.

Advantages of glasses:

1. Do not cause eye irritation

Because it is not glued directly on the eyeball like softlens, the use of eyeglasses can also minimize the risk of occurrence of infection and irritation in the eyes.

2. Easier to use and released

One of the advantages of glasses that are not owned by contact lens is the ease in using and releasing it. When you start feeling tired or uncomfortable with the glasses you use, you can let go wherever you are. In addition, the cleaning process does not require a complicated method. If it’s just ordinary dust, just clean the lens using a clean cloth.

3. Protect your eyes from dust

With the lens that covers all parts of the eye, the glasses can simultaneously act as eye protection from dust, sunlight and pollution that can cause irritation and other eye disorders. In addition, the use of eyeglasses in the air-conditioned room also can avoid the eyes of droughts caused by cold temperatures.

4. Make the face more character

Eyeglass frames are now available with a variety of forms, ranging from round, oval, square up to cat eye, will help to create the impression of a resolute and character in the face of those who use it. However in the election form the frame of the glasses, you will have to customize it with the face shape you so seem appropriate when you use.

Disadvantages of using glasses:

1. To break easily

The glasses are made of glass vulnerable broke when dropped. It then causes you to have to be extra careful when using it. Well to avoid the occurrence of such a thing, glasses made from MICA is not to break easily when knocked down.

2. Less comfortable

The use of sunglasses will effect less convenient for its users. This is because the Scotch glasses on both ears and nose will make you feel like using it that there is a foreign object stuck in the face.

3. Often a dewy and exposed to sweat

At the time of being in a hot environment, vulnerable exposed glasses sweat and Dewy. It can lead to limitation of the view you are using it.

The Advantages of Using Softlens:

1. Better Vision

Because there is almost no distance between the eyes and the lens, the eye’s ability to see is getting better and sharper. In addition, the viewing angle is getting wider because contact lens lenses are a visual aid, sticking directly to the eyes.

2. More comfortable

Because it is used on the inside of the eye, exactly on the surface of the cornea, then you won’t feel uneasy with the lack of any foreign matter that Scotch on the face such as the use of glasses.

3. More free activities

Wearing glasses can be hampered in activities especially while doing activities with such high mobility exercise. Well the softlens may be the solution for you who often do activities outside the home and have a high mobility.

4. The user more confidence

Softlens now available with a wide choice of colors and with a variety of size in diameter can give the impression of a more rounded and lovely on the eyes. This is certainly going to make you feel confident to perform in public.

But don’t forget to always bring the softlens equipment anywhere you go so when feel uncomfortable with softlens you use, you can take them off or shed a special eye drops of liquid.

Disadvantages of Using Softlens:

1. Can cause irritation of the eyes

If used in a long time and wrong in cleaning it, softlens was supposed to be a tool for vision, thus can be a source of disturbance to other more serious eyes.

2. Have a tear in the eye of the risk

The breakdown of contact lenses in the eye is one of the dangers of using contact lenses if not used correctly, for example not released when sleeping and not using special contact lenses.

While sleeping, softlens can switch within the eye can cause the softlens tear or rupture in the eye and injuring the eye. Therefore, do not forget to release the softlens before going to bed and doing activities on the water, such as bathing and swimming.

In addition, before removing the softlens, remember to always shed a special eye drops drugs softlens so softlens not in a State to dry out when it is released.

3. Need extra care

Unlike the glasses which are likely to be easy in her treatment, treatment that requires extra softlens and more difficult. If wrong in caring for and cleaning it, softlens can become the nest growing viruses and germs which can interfere with the health of the eyes.

4. Make the eyes lack of oxygen

The use of softlens too long will make the eyes become dry and lack of oxygen. This can eventually result in disorders of the eye such as corneal edema, infection, irritation, until a serious eye disorders like cysts.

5. It is difficult to adapt

For new users who are already accustomed to using glasses, certainly takes quite a long time to adapt when switching to softlens. Novice users should learn about how wearing the softlens, how the care is good and right, to familiarize the eyes with contact lenses.

Well now you already know the advantages and disadvantages of both the vision tools. In fact the use of glasses and softlens should be side by side. For those of you who have impaired vision, it would be better if you have both the vision tools. It is aimed so that you can adjust both the needs you.