What Are The Advantages And The Risks Of Saving Gold?

Saving gold is a form of investment that is quite popular among the public. This can be seen from the high number of transactions that occur in the form of this precious metal. Many people choose to save gold with high confidence in the stability of gold prices, so many people make gold as one of the main investment tools in finance.

Saving Gold

Come on, find out how, benefits and risks of these gold savings before you also invest in gold:

The manner and conditions for Saving Gold:

1. Try to do surveys in advance to find out the current price of gold. You can visit the official website of the Golden Management to know gold prices right now, and see the price of gold is desired.

2. Pawn shops usually provide weight ranging from 5 g, 10 g, 25 g, 50 g, and 250 grams, up to 1 kg. Then, add 3% of the price that is the price offered by Pawnshops.

3. The price offered can be customized with the Fund and the income you have. So, you can choose a cash purchase or credit and how credit period that would like to take. We recommend that you select a time period not too long because the price is going up.

4. Prepare a variety of requirements. The terms that must be prepared as follows:

  • Have a savings account at pawn shops.
  • You open the mandatory savings account at pawn shops.
  • You simply fill out the form opening savings accounts at the nearest branch office of pawn shops.
  • Attach the ID CARD or driver’s license is still valid.
  • Pay the administration fee and deposit facilities for 1 year.
  • Minimum balance.
  • Gold account has a minimum balance is worth 0.1 grams of gold.
  • Choose a gold purchase process. You can select the purchasing process is in cash or credit. Purchase gold occurs in multiples of 0.01 grams but also provided a selection of gold bullion. Usually the choice of the weight of gold bullion at the pawn shops, among others, 5gr, 10gr, 25gr, 50gr, and 100 gr, if you choose this option, you will be charged also costs gold print that is priced according to the weight you choose.

5. Fill the sheet application form for gold investment program.
6. Pay the Down Payment (DP) of 20% to 30% of the normal price of gold and the administrative fee prescribed each institution pawn shops.

The Advantage of Saving Gold:

1. Purchase of gold can be made in cash Or Credit

You can enjoy relief from pawn shops with purchase options in cash or credit in accordance with the wishes of the buyer. If you are interested in buying gold in cash, don’t be surprised if And not directly receive the gold. This is because pawn shops don’t keep gold. While with the purchase in credit, gold will be awarded once all the installments paid off. Good cash or credit, usually of gold can be taken 2 weeks after payment in full.

2. Credit Period Lighter

If you are planning to take credit to buy gold, you can choose to pay your repayments up to a maximum of 36 months or within a period of 3 years. With this, you do not have to spend a lot of money at a time when buying gold.

3. Available a wide selection of Heavy Gold

Pawn shops provide a wide selection of heavy gold ye needs ranging from 5 g, 10 g, 20 g, 25 g, 50 g, 100 g, up to 1 kg. You can determine which want to invest in gold with any weight and corresponding ability you buy gold.

4. Price set tends to be Normal

Pawnshops set prices of 3% of the price of gold from gold-Manager, so different from the store or other institutions. So, you can check the prices daily and can reduce cheating or fraud when purchasing gold later because you can prepare in advance what costs that will be incurred to buy gold

5. Can get Funds While Having an urgent need

Indeed many people who plan want to invest but fear is exposed to fraud. Most fraud occurs when people invest their money in companies without a good credibility. Because it’s better you invest gold at pawn shops because it is more secure and most secure, and is the official government-owned institutions.

The Risk of Saving Gold:

1. Risk of Loss

Because gold is not practical physical form and requires storage space, then this makes a higher risk of losing. In addition, the physical state of the striking gold also can invite crime so that the risk of losing the gold could certainly easily experienced especially for you who choose this type of gold jewelry and frequently used. If this is to happen, no doubt will suffer considerable losses.

2. No Practical

One of the weaknesses of gold investment that can be felt most is that its physical form is less practical so you need a storage area that has extra security. Especially if you have a large amount of gold bars, and certainly need more than just a small safe.

3. Investment Fraud

There are many people who usually offer gold investment with larger profits. But, if you are experiencing these things should not be interested in advance because this is one of the acts of deception from such parties.  With the benefit of 2% per month is not possible for an investment company, given the growth in the price of gold each year only 20%. It would be much safer if you invest in gold in a place that is already trusted.

4. Gold Fake

Either in the form of gold bullion, jewelry, coins, or any other form is easily faked. Therefore, it would be better if you make buying and selling gold in place of gold for example, trusted as Islamic banks, pawn shops and stores that are already trusted.

Indeed saving gold has a variety of advantages and risks. Therefore, you should prepare everything so that spared from losses to benefit more from savings in gold.