Activities That Can Train the Brain to Be Smarter

Everyone will want to be more intelligent. Smart brains can help find solutions to problems encountered with more effective and efficient. Sharpening the brain not only could do with learning in school.

Activities That Can Train the Brain to Be Smarter 1

To get a smarter brain, it takes effort and process for each individual to practice it. Here are some simple things you can do in your daily life to train your brain to be smarter.

1. Make a list of what has been done

Before you go to your mat, write positive things what ye have to do. For example, today I have studied and successfully make a delicious tart, I have managed to sell more merchandise at my online store, I exercise longer 2 hours from previous days.

Write down things like this can make you feel better especially if you feel are being discouraged. This list also gets considering how productive these days and helps you think about what you should do the next day.

2. Make a list of what you should stop doing it

Be a better person from day to day by reminding yourself of bad habits that may not like or be bad for you and others.

Write down anything to stop you doing, for example I have to quit smoking for the sake of my health and family that is in the House. Search for reasons why you should quit the habit, write and paste in place usually you do that bad habit, in the bathroom, at the entrance of the room or it could be in the home screen.

3. Do and write down the things that you learn new

Any who just learned how to play guitar, for example, reading a book about coding, try direct you practice it yourself as often as possible.

Don’t forget to note the things what you learned today on a regular basis to further motivate to learn again the next day. The more you learn about something, the more you pity to take it off.

4. Share what you have learned to others

By sharing what you know to the other person, you can repeat and remember again what has been learned so that you don’t forget and master it.

You can share opinions as well as ideas from other people after you tell them what you have learned, and it is possible for your conversation with others to help you to be more inspired.

5. Read a newspaper

Read the newspaper every day, if you are indeed not had a chance to at least try to read all the titles on the pages of the newspaper. This can help you to become more aware of the world, which makes you able to talk about many things with people as well as the topics that they are interested in.

You are also so can collect their opinions that would change your mind about something with more open.

6. Read fiction or nonfiction routinely

Challenge yourself to spend any reading one book a week. In addition to the increase of knowledge and insight, you can also train your brain with memory recall the plot of a book, add a vocabulary, improve writing skills and prevent dementia or Alzheimer’s.

A fictional book is interesting for us to learn and understand the characters in the book, enter the world with a different perspective. While the book is nonfiction can introduce you with new topics like psychology, politics.

7. Gather together people who are positive

Spend some time with positive people who are smarter attentions to you can share ideas and discuss. Be humble and willing to learn, ask as much as possible the things you want to know to those who know more.

From their conversation and input, you can train your brain by thinking of new ideas because they have got answers to your questions.

8. Talk to the person you find attractive

Start a conversation with the person that you think is interesting, though it’s a foreigner though. Find out about what you want to know or things judged they attract and how they found it.

Does not fear closer because sometimes, you can learn lots of new things from the experience of people who are not at all you know? Don’t miss the chance to ask a mother who distributed food to feral cats on the streets.

It could be that time is the last time you could ask outright why he did it and get an unforgettable life lessons from him.

9. Exercise and eat healthy foods

To keep your mind fresh and smart, you must keep your body healthy by exercising and consuming foods full of nutrients. If you feel you’re not having an idea or stuck, move your body by dancing or taking a walk outside the house. A healthy body will also help the brain to think more effectively.

10. Play games that make you think

The play is also the right way and fun for sharpening the brain. Search game that challenges you to think, broadening ideas and can sharpen the creativity that exists within you. For example, scrabble, chess, puzzles, builds various objects with Lego.

Practice with 10 activities above in order to keep your brilliant brain performance, is not easily forgotten and increasingly active and creative. With an intelligent brain, you’d be more accustomed to thinking about new ideas and are easier to be inspired.