A Few Reasons Why We Need To Have Insurance

Why we need to have insurance? Insurance is an agreement in which the insurance company is willing to bear the losses experienced by the customer if there is something like death, accident, or fell ill. As the condition is you have to pay a premium in advance.

Have Insurance

Basically the insurance benefits are as a safety in the future. In addition, there are still many other insurance benefits. Unfortunately, many people don’t have insurance for a variety of reasons, among them do not understand, and not interested, to less understand the benefits of insurance. Therefore, this time we will Peel more about profits and insurance benefits.

A few reasons why we need to have insurance include:

1. The efficiency of the Funds

Each family or individual should already have unexpected funds for use in times of emergency. Post those funds may be divided again, the start of an unexpected health funds, the unpredictable funding education, funding unexpected deaths or accidents, and others.

The function of Insurance in times like this is to be a reserve for unexpected funds like that. By registering with insurance, you do not need to hassle set up money flow entry-exit on the post unexpected funds. Everything is set up by the insurance company.

2. Loans to banks more easily

Banks usually provide many prerequisites before customers can apply for a loan. If you are known to be registered in insurance, the bank will usually be easier to allow you to apply for a loan with insurance as collateral.

3. Sense of security

The most basic insurance benefits is give you a sense of security. When it is registered in the accident insurance, death, or health, you will feel more secure when unwanted events occur. Why? Because you do not have to think of how to bear the losses or payment required. All of which will be borne by the insurance company.

4. Old age Savings

Many who do not understand if insurance benefits could also be as savings. On some certain life insurance products, if death has not occurred, the funds will be returned to the customer after reaching the year agreed. The customer can also request a refund in accordance with the agreements that have been made.

The amount of funding to be returned is usually greater than the premiums paid. This can be used as a day of savings or retirement savings, so you do not have to rely on the children or large families.

5. Give Protection

Other insurance benefits are to give protection for the customer. The insurance company will either embrace or assist the customer in case of an accident, in order to be protected from a wide range of customer losses that may occur.

6. Help for families

If something happens to you suddenly, such as falling ill or death, while your family does not have any financial preparation to deal with it, what will happen? Most likely they will feel confused, especially if you act as a source of family income.

This is the time when insurance benefits are needed. By having insurance, this doesn’t need to happen. The purpose of insurance is to ensure that the wife or children still have a source of funds to survive if the family’s backbone experiences a disaster.

7. Guarantee of salary

A good business entity must have insurance. The insurance function of a business entity is to guarantee the company’s finances if at any time the company is experiencing financial or bankruptcy problems. That way, employees will still get their rights, namely salaries for their work. How, is the company where you work is guaranteed by insurance?

Those are some reasons why we need to have insurance. In addition to the above mentioned, there are still many other insurance benefits that will benefit not only you as a customer, but also your family and people closest to you. How, do you now understand why we need to have insurance?