A Collection of Word about Heartache to Represent That Hurt

Various things in life can provoke, especially problems on the relationship romance. Heartbroken, betrayed, abandoned, and failed in a career, a small portion of the life process that leaves a sense of ‘ pain in chest ‘.


One way to express what you are feeling at the moment is with words that touch and represent you. If you are currently experiencing problems that make you hurt, words hurt following the controversy is expected to be a bit of a treat that you feel have been wounded.

The pain is really too

“Better toothache compared to heartache”. Sometimes, being spiritually hurt is more painful than experiencing physical pain. It is natural that a person prefers toothache rather than hurt. But keep in mind; do not hurt yourself when you are going through hurt days.

Heartache makes tough

“You will realize how tough you are when you feel hurt. Faster happens, then its better. “These one-silly words have profound meaning and should be a life lesson. Hurt will make a person aware of who he is now, how far to go and whether he is tough enough to live life. The sooner this is realized, the better it will be to develop yourself in the future.

A crying heart

“Crying is the way the eyes speak when the mouth is silenced, unable to explain how devastating this heart is.” These words of hurt are grounded in fact. Research shows that crying can release chemical compounds from the brain that cause feelings of calm. So, if you feel sad because of being hurt, crying is a very natural thing and good for you to do to be more relieved.

Painful reality

“It’s hard to breathe, because every blow I release proves the pain of the fact that I can not live without you.” It sounds cheesy, but that’s how a broken-hearted person is. These idiotic words are strung together like rhythmic poems.

Pain that is hard to get

“Love lasted 7 years, equal to the time required for the body’s cells to renew themselves.” Imagine how long it takes for the heart to get it if the cells renew themselves for 7 years? Just FYI, hurt also could have an impact on your body. Known as broken heart syndrome, this condition makes the heart disturbance while endured by a person who is hurt.

Think with logic

“I want to survive but the logic of forcing I rushed.” Love is indeed no logic. The words could you use the controversy to express disappointment in love. Let the logic works, teaches the proper thing.

Try to forget

“There is some feeling of ill will be incurable, can only try the forgotten.” As the saying goes, hurt sometimes no medicine and imprint forever. These words teach us that trying to forget about being the last solution of deep pains once you felt betrayed or let down.

Hopefully you get a full time through the pain quickly and return to staring at the future. The words hurt over the controversy are expected to give a bit of water in the middle of the drying desert suffering. He regretted that the have makes you upset, make yourself a better and exciting, exercise and keep your health.