9 Recommendations Gaming Laptop-Style Gaming Youtuber

Gaming laptop is innovation that is currently popular in the world of technology. The existence of a gaming laptop gives you easy portability when wanting to play and have a reliable machine in performing daily tasks, be it light or heavy.

Dell Inspiron Gaming Laptop

First gaming laptop its existence can be counted on the fingers, but now it appears a number of times over the growing gaming laptop with the best quality and performance. You want to play ala gaming Youtuber, with gaming laptop? Recommendation 9 the following gaming laptops you must check are:

1. Asus ROG GL553

Next is a special series of gaming company Taiwan. Line Republic of Gamers or often abbreviated ROG is a special dedicated line for you the gamers. Recommended laptop from this series is a type of GL553 overlaid with shades of black and orange.

This gaming laptop is equipped with an Intel i7-7700HQ quad-core processor, an NVIDIA GTX 1050 video graphics card and a keyboard equipped with RGB lighting and a 15.6-inch screen, providing exceptional gaming sensations. This gaming laptop recommendation must be owned by those of you who claim true gamers.

2. Dell Inspiron 7567

As a gaming laptop that is opening its popularity is growing over the past few months. Laptop manufacturing releases American technology is indeed reliable performance in gaming, as well as other heavy jobs such as editing the pictures and videos.

The Inspiron line is part of the entry level that is owned by Dell, so there is no need to worry about the quality and price they stick because it is certainly guaranteed. Equipped with the 7th generation chipset from Intel, 8GB of RAM, graphic videos from the NVIDIA GTX 1050, and priced at affordable prices, making this one laptop topped the recommendations of gaming laptops.

3. Lenovo Y520

Popular with Yoga and series Idea pad, Lenovo is apparently unwilling to let its competitors to shine alone. Lenovo released Y520 gaming laptop with unique design and red accents. Gaming laptop is also equipped with machines that are more or less similar to that of other brands such as processor chips, the seventh generation of Intel as well as graphics from NVIDIA GTX series 1050.

Different from Lenovo Y520 is because it comes with speakers from Harman Kardon, weighs about 2.4 kg and keyboard with red lighting. This laptop is obliged to become one of the fillers in the recommendations of this gaming laptop.

4. Acer Aspire VX15

Acer is one of the popular brands in the world of computers. Taiwan companies also do not want to Miss giving variant in the world of gaming laptop. Present VX15 Aspire, which is the answer in the fight against the fierce competition of Acer.

With the classical form but retains the elegant aesthetics, VX15 equipped Kaby Lake processor i7 from Intel, VGA from NVIDIA GTX series 1050 and prolific 389 x 265 x 32 millimeters. With coated black and Red shades, this laptop is perfect for those of you who want to appear eccentric and different from the others.

5. Gigabyte Sabre 15

One of the most unique gaming laptop is Gigabyte Sabre 15. Gaming laptop is recommended due to the good performance of the NVIDIA GTX because it comes 1050 as well as RAM size is 16 GB and the 7th generation processor belongs to the Intel i7-7700HQ, IE. This could be an option for those of you who don’t want to have a gaming laptop with a flashy style.

This one laptop still look elegant and professional because it has no bright color accent like most gaming laptop, so put in a mandatory list of recommendation gaming laptop for you guys who like to have the option of another simple gaming laptop with the best performance, not just a gaming laptop with bright colors.

6. MSI GE62

MSI is a manufacturer of Taiwan origin who has specialized in the field of gaming. MSI is present with a wide selection of the best gaming laptop, but the most recommended in terms of price, quality and performance is the product MSI type GE62.

Gaming laptop is one of the first laptops on the market that use the latest products, base Pascal from NVIDIA. A special feature is that you can not find on other gaming laptop option is compatibility when you want to play virtual reality or VR.

MSI GE62 laptop has been compatible with the latest technology and best quality screen with FULL HD 15.6-inch sized Display IPS, as well as a comfortable gaming performance because it comes the Boost Cooler system can maintain the condition of the laptop during the do the heavy work.

In addition, which makes these laptops get listed in recommendation ala gaming laptop gamers youtuber is because it has a keyboard with RGB and lighting system based on zoning, so can be personalized as you wish.

7. Razer Blade

Some of the recommendations of the last gaming laptop are filled with companies that have big names in the world of gaming and the price is fantastic enough, one of them is the Razer. The company is known for its wide variety of gaming peripherals that they release, unexpectedly turned out to be brave to go into competition the world gaming laptop with a superior product Razer Blade.

Razer Blade is different from a number of previous gaming laptops that are filled with more or less the same features, namely graphics from the NVIDIA GTX 1050 and a mixture of plastic and iron layers. Razer Blade is equipped with higher quality than the previous one, with NVIDIA GTX 1060 and quad core Intel i7 processor. This gaming laptop is also wrapped with a very high quality aluminum unibody chassis. With the slogan “Powerful, Portable, Perfect” of course it is very tempting to you gamers.

8. HP Omen

“The Future of Gaming is now” is jargon that is hailed by Hewlett-Packard for gaming laptop. This gaming laptop comes in two choices of graphics, i.e. from NVIDIA with GTX 1050 and AMD Radeon RX550.

Both also have a specification is not much different, namely the 7th generation processor from Intel Core i7 8 GB memory capacity and HDD Storage of 1 TB. The design is very unique, as if the scenes seen hovering and provocative shapes make this unique laptop and get a chance to break into the gaming laptop recommendation ala gamer youtuber.

9. Alienware 13 R3

The last may be referred to as the most popular brand of laptop gaming, namely American leading manufacturers, Alienware. Gaming laptop that is typical with this cool alien logo comes with Alienware 13 R3 which is early release line Alienware. Although it is smaller compared to other gaming laptop recommendation options, but this one product is not to be missed.

The different options are offered, such as the VR screen Alienware-ready made of OLED panels, giving the sensation of gaming are different than others. In fact, his entry line is equipped with a GPU from NVIDIA 1050Ti GTX series – higher than other gaming laptop priced at par. Well, certainly not to be missed this one laptop as a recommendation for you who want to have a gaming laptop-style gaming youtuber.

That’s the recommendation 9 gaming laptop-style gaming youtuber could be the choice. By selecting one of the laptop between 9, gaming is certainly the more exciting, smoothly and providing the best gaming sensation ala gamer Youtuber without needing to spend too deep.

That is 9 recommendations for gaming laptop gaming style that can be an option. By choosing one of the 9 laptops, gaming is certainly more exciting, smooth and provides the best gaming sensation in the style of Youtuber gamers without having to spend too much money.