9 Cost of Wedding You Should Prepare Carefully

Getting married is one of the most eagerly awaited and treasured moments in life. Drop the heart and choice to someone we hold dear, surely makes life feels more comfortable. However, before planning the wedding of course you have to think carefully.

The Cost of Wedding

Not only about the selection of partner’s dream, but it is also about the cost of wedding you should remove it. In addition to food and there are still many wedding expenses you should prepare, among others:

1. Dress, costume, and Makeup Bridal

All men certainly like to give his best display at the time of the wedding day. Therefore, do not forget to prepare the wedding costs specific to wedding dresses, bride suits, up to the cost of the services make up artist to make sure you guys perform perfectly on the wedding day. In addition to the bride and groom, both parents and another nuclear family also need to be included in calculating the cost of a wedding for this aspect.

2. Wedding rings or Dowry

Even though it looks small, the cost for wedding rings and also the dowry is not cheap. In preparing the wedding cost, always consider the costs of dowry and wedding rings are also to be used as a symbol of his legitimate marriage. Starting from gold ring to ring palladium which certainly has more price friendly could be a choice for wedding rings.

3. Documentation

You certainly don’t want a happy day you passed it without any photo or video best. This is also one of the costs of the wedding you should also prepare. To further save costs you can also rely on friends or guests to do documentation on the wedding event. But it is feared will be a lot of missed moments as they also have their own affairs such as greeting guests and chat with colleagues.

If you also want to do pre-wedding photos, the cost must also be prepared. To save more money, you can certainly use it from one photography and videographer services during the preparation period until the wedding day so the price can be negotiated.

4. An invitation

One element of the wedding that you remember and add on the cost of a wedding is invitation. In order for our guests to know about wedding event that will be implemented surely must be by invitation. Now various types of display the invitation you can choose from an assortment of vendors or printing.

Of course, for a better invitation results you have to spend more in, ranging from designers to the printing process. But there are still more economical options, that is, with your own design, so you can immediately ask for input or match the invitation manufacturer.

In addition, surely you should also share invitation and spreading to the guests. Certainly the process of shipping costs, for example by an expedition or a courier. This mandatory fee you pay attention and consider it well. To save costs, you can also deliver yourself or be deposited to someone and request to be distributed individually.

5. Souvenirs

In order for the weddings you remembered by guests invitation, surely you must provide souvenirs that can be given at the end of the show for the guests. You can select a variety of souvenirs ranging from cheap prices until the prices quite expensive.

If you want to save, you can give the public such as fan souvenirs, towels or wooden calendar with the names of the bride and groom. The kind of souvenirs are certainly not too cost wedding. You can also give unique luxurious souvenirs such as a music player.

6. Music or Entertainment

If it feels incomplete without wedding dish eat or other dishes to its guests. In addition, the wedding is also incomplete without the presence of musical accompaniment, both from the band or traditional musicians to entertain the guests with a song.

Fees for music is one of the costs of compulsory marriage you plan carefully, because surely enough to drain the pouch when you don’t prepare far-distant day. Other options to minimize expenses you can do with the help of friends or colleagues to help entertain the guests and enliven the event, so you can call with “the price of friends”.

7. Transport

To reach the location of the wedding, you definitely need a vehicle. Transport is one of the costs of the wedding that you prepare. Not only for you and your partner, when the family needs help or a ride more, then you have to rent or use other means of transportation.

These needs to be done to ease brother or close relatives are helping and preparing special events for you and your partner. It’s been reasonably as the owner of an event we should offer all the best for the guests. So, don’t forget to include this cost in the list of wedding costs you.

8. The cost of the excess Time in the building

For those of you who invite a lot of relatives, of course, one of these wedding expenses must be prepared carefully. Usually, weddings located in a building or hotel are given a duration of about 2 hours, but if many invitations still arrive until the end of the event, you have to pay for the excess time in the building.

Each vendor has its own rule, but generally you have to pay more for the compensation of all expenses such as the cost of overtime for employees and others. So, you have to prepare for the cost of a wedding is to anticipate all possibilities that can occur in D-Day.

9. Honey Moon

For some people, continuing a holiday honeymoon after marriage is mandatory law. You don’t need to be afraid of the cost of expensive because now the honeymoon can be done within the country or even around the city only. The cost of the honeymoon usually taken into account as an additional requirement so that this cost can be adjusted to the main wedding costs so that the main needs in marriage can still be fulfilled.

What about your wedding plan, have you prepared well and matured? Or are there still a number of important costs that you miss? Prepare your happy day well, because the happy day will not come twice, so make the most of this moment.