9 Causes of Bad Breath That You Might Not Know

Bad breath may not be a serious disease, but it could be a big problem because it will make you so not confident when speaking with others. No doubt you’re talking to will also feel uncomfortable while speaking with you.

9 Causes of Bad Breath That You Might Not Know 1

During this time, the cause of bad breath that you know may be just due to infection of the gums and sore throat. But as it turns out, there are many other things that cause odor in the mouth yet you know, such as diet, drinking milk and skip breakfast.

1. Red meat

Foods rich in protein such as lean red meat are indeed good for the health of the body, but not for oral health. After eating red meat, will surely be wafted the scent of you foul, especially if its remains concerned at cavities.

There is an easy solution to get rid of bad breath after consuming red meat. How, immediately brush teeth after eating red meat, or if you want easier, chewing gum mint to help remove remaining food from the teeth and mouth.

2. Sweet food

If you like to eat sweets so don’t be surprised if you frequent mouth odor. In addition to damaging the health of teeth, it turns out sugary foods like candy can also trigger the odor in the mouth. This is because when contaminated by sugar, bacteria in the mouth will pull out the sulfur substances with unpleasant scents.

Any sweets tend to be sticky and highly difficult to be eliminated, so that will be increasingly enlarging the possibility of bacteria to contaminate with sugar in it. The solution, you can use dental floss to remove remnants of sugar stuck to the sidelines.

3. A high-protein diet

If you are currently undergoing diet program, then you are advised to undergo a menu balanced diet than protein diet. This is because if you live on a diet of protein, you will breathe smell unpleasant due to the high amount of amino acids that you consume.

In the end, the amino acids will be staying in the mouth and triggers the growth of odor-causing bacteria of the mouth. For that, we recommend you consume vegetables and fruits that are rich in vitamins rather than consume meat, eggs and nuts contain lots of protein.

4. Liver problems

Are you confused why lately the mouth you often smell? It could be that as one of the signs are going liver or heart problems on you. In the event of damage to the liver, its ability to regulate the body’s metabolism and fat will also be progressively decreased. This is then triggered an increase in the number of bacteria in the mouth.

5.Use of the mouthwash

One way to get rid of bad breath is to wear a mouthwash. But it turns out not all the mouthwash can eliminate bad breath. It turns out that a mouthwash containing alcohol can thus make you mouth dry and odor-causing bacteria of the mouth will also be easier to develop. Shortly after wearing this mouthwash, mouth you will feel fresh. But gradually, the mouth will also be noticeably drier and ultimately triggered the emergence of odor.

6. Consumption of medicines

Medications such as pain relievers, cough and flu, as well as antidepressant drugs typically cause side effects after it is consumed, one cause of bad breath. After consuming the drugs, usually the mouth will become dry and bitter, which ultimately will make the production of saliva decreases and the mouth becomes stinking.

Therefore, do not forget to always drink plenty of water after taking the drug. This is because water will stimulate the tongue and mouth to produce more saliva.

7. Drinks containing alcohol and caffeine

Another thing that can trigger bad breath is consuming drinks containing alcohol and caffeine. After consuming the beverage, saliva production will decrease and the mouth will dry up. The condition of a dry mouth is what ultimately triggers an unpleasant odor in the mouth. The solution, drink lots of water after you consume drinks that contain alcohol and caffeine, so that the mouth does not dry out.

8. Drink milk

Never felt a mouth you suddenly become smelly after drinking milk? A typical milk odor is indeed often lagged in the mouth causing the smell unpleasant. But there’s a unique way to handle it: with a drinking milk products containing probiotic bacteria and good for the body.

9. Skipping breakfast

Besides being good for health and as a source of energy in the morning, turns out breakfast can also prevent bad breath. Breakfast can increase the production of saliva or saliva in the mouth and cleans the tongue from bacteria the cause of bad breath. Well if you are lazy for breakfast, then you tend to have greater potential for experiencing bad breath bacteria left in it. So don’t forget to always have breakfast every day.