9 Activities That Cannot Be Done After Eating

Eating is one of the activities undertaken to provide energy and nutrients to the body. But sometimes we often rush while eating because it wanted to do other activities quickly.

9 Activities That Cannot Be Done After Eating 1

Without us even knowing, it turns out that a lot of activity that often we do after a meal that can be bad for our health. What activities should be avoided after eating? Here are some activities that cannot be done after eating, as summarized from different sources.

1. Drink ice water

Cold ice water will certainly be very refreshing if taken after eating food, especially hot and spicy foods. But behind the freshness, ice water turns out to interfere with the digestive system of food. Cold ice water will freeze food, especially fatty foods.

Frozen fat will accumulate in the intestine and cause narrowing of the digestive tract, which will eventually cause obesity and bloating in the stomach. Therefore, you should replace the ice water you normally consume after eating with warm water, especially when eating fatty foods.

2. Drink tea

Tea became one of the drinks that are often drunk after finished eating. But it turns out that it is precisely a bad affect on health of our digestive system. It is because the tea has a very high acid content. The acid can increase the protein content in the food we eat so increased, so that the body will be more difficult to digest.

In addition, tea can also absorb the iron content of food to 80 percent so that makes iron is needed by the body being reduced. If you want to enjoy tea, wait one hour after meal times or mix the tea with more water.

3. Eat fruits

During this time many people who consider the fruit as “dessert” and nice to be consumed after meals. However, this perception is not true at all. Eating fruits after meals will make the abdomen becomes bloated because of its nature which ferments food that we just consume.

To get the benefits of fruit, consume fruit 1 hour before or after meals, so that the nutrients contained in it can be absorbed properly by our body.

4. Cigarette smoking

As you well know, smoking is one habit that is unhealthy because it can damage the health of the lungs, heart, can even cause cancer. However the bad effects for health will be more dangerous if cigarettes are consumed after a meal.

In fact, a number of studies have shown that sucking one cigarette after a meal equals to smoking 10 cigarettes. That way, the impact of the danger on health will increase 10 times higher

5. Bath

Bath will increase blood flow throughout the body, especially to the hands and feet. In the end make the amount of blood on the part of the stomach is reduced because the body parts streamed to the hands and feet.

Scanty blood flow in the abdominal area will undermine the performance of the digestive system in the stomach, so that the process of digestion of food that we just became stunted consumption.

6. Sleep

Sense of drowsiness is indeed often come after we eat, let alone eat portions way too much. However you should be able to resist the temptation to sleep after eating. It is due directly to sleep after eating can interfere with digestion and makes the stomach becomes bloated because food is not digested completely.

In addition, sleep after eating can also cause damage to the digestive organs such as the stomach and intestinal infection, if it continues to do in the long term.

7. Loosen belt

Enlarging the size of the stomach after eating is a natural thing and often makes us feel bad. No wonder many people often loosen their belts after eating, especially after eating large portions of food.

But it was a trivial thing like loosen belts after eating can also interfere with the working of the digestive system. Doing so will make the intestines become entangled so that the digestive system becomes inhibited.

8. The streets

Not a few people who thought that with a walk after a meal, it will accelerate the process of food digestion. But in fact it is absolutely not true. A walk after meals thus will inhibit the digestive systems absorb nutrients in food, so that the nutrients obtained our body becomes not the maximum.

In addition, it runs directly after a meal can also spend energy food that we just eat without stored first. It is recommended to wait for approximately 15 minutes after dinner to walk.

9. Sports

Heavy physical activity and requires the body to move as much of a workout, including one of the activities that should not be done after dinner. Exercise after a meal will interfere with the digestive system and make your stomach bloating that will eventually trigger the onset of cramps in the stomach.

If you want to do sports activities, we recommend that you wait for the next 15-30 minutes after you finished eating so that the finished food is digested, so it will not interfere with the digestive process.