8 Unique Diets That Have Been Popular and You Can Try Now

For those of you who have failed with their diet, don’t be pessimistic first because there are several types of unique diets that you can try. If you’ve heard the term mayo diet, clean eating or the Atkins diet, there are many other unique diets methods that you can try one by one:

8 Unique Diets That Have Been Popular and You Can Try Now 1

1. Green Diet

Diet food that was once a trend is grains and nuts that long has been a mainstay food to lose weight. In addition, most nutritionists agree that the yoghurt, water spinach, foods containing coconut, avocado to be healthy food choices is still loved by dieters.

2. The Fat Black Diet

Do you want to lose weight fast? Maybe this one diet can be an option. The Fat Black Diet is a diet by mixing two lumps of butter and oil into a cup of coffee.

Although it may seem strange, however, it is believed that it can increase energy and speed up the power of the brain. David Asprey, one of the originators of this unique diet managed to lose weight up to 36 kg by regularly drinking this coffee mixture. If you want to try, maybe you can consult with the experts first.

3. The Keto Diet

For this unique diets includes a low-fat diet and almost similar to the Atkins diet, which prohibits dieters from consuming bread, sugar, and seeds. But, on the contrary, we are allowed to consume meat, cream, and cheese because experts believe that a high-protein diet will make us feel full longer.

4. Mono Diet Meal

On this unique diets, maybe it takes intention and desire that is very, very strong in order not easily tempted by other foods. This diet applied with only eating one type of food at any given time.

For example replace your breakfast menu with a banana, lunch with a mango, and dinner with a grain of apples. You guys can also vary the menu, such as consuming a banana for a full week or eat dates in a day. This diet trend recently tested by a handful of adherents of the lifestyle and still have to be tested its effectiveness.

5. Ear Stapling

Unique diets this one done by inserting a clamp into the inner part of the ear cartilage to suppress the nervous part. By performing ear stapling, it can reduce your appetite so that the weight will be reduced. If you want to try this diet is better left to the experts, because practitioners feared would harm for health especially in the part of the ear.

6. Diet Bet

This type of unique diets is done by playing online games. Diet Bet online game is a game where we compete against friends or other people who are implementing the diet program. According to his website, recorded about 150 thousand people who managed to lose about 5 kg of weight and win the prize money.

Although the passing game online, Bet dieters don’t get duped for granted because we must show our pictures standing on the scales regularly to find out the weight loss that we have accomplished. In addition to motivating us to lose weight, it is also a giveaway program.

7. Diet Glass

This unique diets does indeed sound strange that is by comparing ourselves with friends or family in front of the glass. Indirectly, this will make us be affected and are motivated to lose weight. We may also compare our bodies with models on television or magazines could be the trigger for us to go on a diet.

8. Mirror Diet

Mirror diet sounds strange, but it turns out this unique way can help you who are on a diet program. A study conducted in America proved that eating in a mirror can reduce the number of meals a person has, even almost a third. The image of yourself in front of a mirror can remind you of the efforts you have made to lose weight.