7 Tips to Overcome the Heatiness You Can Try

Density of daily activities makes us have the risk exposed to the heatiness. Many factors could cause the heatiness, such as the lack of intake of vitamin C, fiber, and lack of fluid consumption. Coupled with the hot weather conditions and consumption of fatty or greasy foods are increasingly adding to the risk of heatiness.


In anticipation, you should avoid the causes of heatiness the above. But if you have experienced heatiness you do not need to worry because inner heatiness can be overcome in various ways as follows:

1. Gargle-gargle with Vinegar

Apple vinegar has a high antibacterial and vitamin C content, so it is very suitable for dealing with internal heatiness. Mix apple vinegar with warm water then use the mixture to rinse your mouth. Do it regularly until the heatiness is gone.

2. Drink young coconut water

How to treat heatiness one is by consuming coconut water. With drink young coconut water on a regular basis during the week, it can cope with the heatiness quickly. Young coconut water contains a high electrolyte compound. In addition to preventing dehydration and increase the body’s ion, the compound could also help overcome the heatiness.

3. Sari Kencur

Kencur turns out to have benefits to treat heartburn, cough with phlegm and dry. Prepare kencur juice and mix it with warm water. Drink the mixture regularly until the heatiness is gone.

4. Gargle with Salt Water

Salt contains compounds that are efficacious to overcome various kinds of symptoms of heartburn, sore throat, irritation to canker sores. Dissolve the salt with warm water then rinse with the solution.

5. Consumption of fruits

Consumption of fruits such as oranges, bananas, strawberry, and mango can cope with the heatiness for in the fruits contain vitamin C which is high compared to other fruit, which is certainly very useful to overcome the heatiness.

6. Concoction of honey and Lemon

To cope with the heatiness, drink a concoction made of honey mixed with the lemon water. Nutritional and vitamin in honey and vitamin C are high on lemon is very beneficial to cope with the heatiness.

7. Drink water

Tips to overcome this heat is fairly simple. By consuming 8-10 glasses of water per day will help avoid dehydration which is one of the causes of heatiness.

That’s 7 tips overcome the heatiness that you can try. Be sure to do the tips above when you got the heatiness within. Don’t forget to relax your body with sufficient sleep.