7 Tips You Can Do To Get Rid Of Sleepiness While Working

Sense of drowsiness generally approached us at night, especially when the body is tired after a long day of activities. But not infrequently also sense of sleepiness came when we are activity, including while working. Have you ever fallen asleep while work hours? Do you often get yelled at because the boss caught sleepiness while work?

7 Tips You Can Do To Get Rid Of Sleepiness While Working 1

Well for those of you who frequent difficulties to hold a sense of sleepiness while working, in addition to drinking coffee, there are other ways that are more effective to repel a sense of sleepiness while working include:

1. Do not sit continuously

Job demands sometimes make you shall linger sitting in front of the computer. For those of you who are more often working at a desk rather than on the field, take your time yourself to do light exercise for 10 minutes.

A study conducted by Robert Thayer, a professor at California State University, said that walking for 10 minutes can increase the energy of up to 2 hours ahead because when they run the pump to the oxygen in the brain and muscles.

So when drowsiness began to come, get up from your seat and do stretching on all parts of the body. You can also go up and down stairs or go out for a walk and looking for a bit of fresh air.

2. Rest your eyes, brain and body for a moment

Sitting staring at a computer screen certainly would be very tiring, especially if conducted for hours without stopping due to the eyes, brain and hands also continued to be forced to work. To eliminate the drowsiness that whack when working, occasionally you have to take the time to rest the body and brain.

After 2 hours of working in front of a computer screen, give the time for the body to rest 10-15 minutes. You can go see the sights and the greenery around the Office you work in.

3. Chatting with co-workers

While already beginning to feel tired with work, you can depart from and go approached friends who work there in the room with you. Even though he had hours of work, it doesn’t hurt you to chat briefly with co-workers to drive a sense of drowsiness and refresh the mind.

With a chat between friends, fellow no doubt will also increase the familiarity you with friends in the work environment. So you not only come to finish the job, but also come to interact and build good relationships with my fellow co-workers.

4. Prepare a healthy snack

Low-calorie snacks such as nuts and refreshing as well as fruits could be the most appropriate choice to accompany the work time. For those of you who like sweet food, there is no harm in consuming chocolate as long as know their boundaries.

5. Drink plenty of plain water

In addition to indicating that you’re sleepy, yawn also could be a sign that the brain you’re lack of oxygen and the body is dehydrated. Not only makes you sleepy brain, lack of oxygen of course will also lose concentration, memory and also work productivity.

To resolve it, the easiest thing you can do is to drink lots of plain water. Water itself contains plenty of oxygen, so the intake of oxygen needed by the body, especially the brain can be fulfilled and no doubt the concentration you will return.

6. Listen to music

Listening to music, especially with a vibrant rhythm, is believed to be one of the most effective ways to get rid of sleepiness while working and restore enthusiasm to carry out activities.

So when sleepiness begins to come during work hours, don’t hesitate to put a headset in your ear and listen to your favorite songs. In addition to getting rid of sleepiness while working, listening to music will also make your mood become positive and certainly also influence in increasing work productivity.

7. Beautify the work desk with ornamental plants

A plant flowers mini definitely will refresh the eyes and also mind you. The green of the leaves and flowers are bright colors also very synonymous with nature giving the impression of a comfortable and peaceful.

Studies conducted by Marlon Nieuwenhuis from the School of Psychology has proved that adding ornamental plants at the work desk, especially the green plants will improve air quality and concentration, which in the end will certainly also increase work productivity by up to 15 percent.

Well for those of you who have a solid routine at the Office, there is no harm to decorate a desk you with mini plants to eliminate fatigue because the work piled up.

It turns out that repel flavor of sleepiness while working it is not difficult. Feel free to try these seven tips to help you free from a sense of drowsiness while working.