7 Tips and How to Treat Eye Minus Naturally

Everyone’s eyes focus level can change rapidly without notice, causing myopia or myopic far that we often hear the term minus an eye. This is definitely a minus eye interfere with your daily activities.

Treat Eye Minus

Though the eyes of a minus can still be helped by the existence of glasses, sure there’s just another activity that demands you to not distinctive. Many who try to see a doctor and performing Lasik surgery to lift a minus in the eyes? But, do you know if there are some things you can do to treat and prevent eye minus?

For that, check out some tips and how to treat the eyes minus your easy-to-apply daily, among others:

1. Therapy of betel leaf

You can heal the eyes of minus with a natural remedy that is betel leaf. Betel leaf has a range of benefits, one of which is to remove dirt, treat irritations, deadly germs and fungus on the eyes. Here’s how to do the therapy betel leaves:

-Take 2 pieces of betel leaf.
-Clean (not boiled due will issue the substances contained in it).
-Paste on eyelid before bed (could use the help of plaster in order to stick to the eye).
-Morning, off the betel leaves and washes your face to clean.

2. Consumption of Eye Supplements

The eyes need vitamins A, β-carotene, vitamin E, zinc and various other nutrients in order to function properly. By consuming a lot of supplements, you’ll be getting a lot of profit because the results were useful for body health and not just for his eyes only.

Maintain eye health nutrition intake requires a fair high so it is kind of hard to be filled by food daily and must be supported by the intake of supplements. You can also make carrot juice and drink every day to be more natural and healthy. Carrot juice can provide vitamin A is required by the eye. You can create your own carrot juice at home easily or can also buy it on the spot.

3. The Glasses off If not needed

When using the glasses, the eye will get used focused on the Centre of the central part of the lens or glasses, and this can cause the eye muscles become stiff because of the rare move for eyeballs looking towards the other. You may be trying to prove them, while using the glasses, will certainly be more moves the neck to look around than moving the eyeball.  In addition, by removing the glasses, you will also reduce dependence on glasses.

4. Eye Gymnastics

Eye gymnastics is beneficial because you can train all the flexibility of the muscles of the eye. In addition, gymnastics is how to reduce eye eyes minus the most popular and fastest feels drank.  How to do gymnastic eyes is quite easy:

-Face straight ahead.
-The movement of the gaze towards the top slowly and keep for 10 seconds.
-Movement of the eyeballs back to the middle and hold it for 10 seconds. Do also point no. 2-3 to towards the bottom, right and left.
-After points no. 4 was completed, perform the movement rolled eyes 360 ° clockwise for 2 times.
-Movement of the eyeballs back to the middle and hold it for 10 seconds.
-Do point’s no. 5, but this time it was the opposite of the direction of the clock.
-Do on the morning and afternoon.

5. Use Eye Palming

Are you quite familiar with this one technique? This simple technique can help the eyes to relax and relax. Eye Palming is good to use after doing eye exercises so that the eyes return to normal and refreshed. The way to do this easy eye palming technique is:

-Rub your hands until it feels a bit hot.
-Close both eyes and cover it by hand (do not depress the eyeball).
-Try no light from the outside. Do it a few times until the eye feels relaxed.
-You can do this palming technique eye whenever the eyes are starting to feel tired.

6. Often see distant objects

Try to look at the object with great distances, such as towards the buildings, fields, sky, and mountains or other places which can give you a far point of view. But, it’s good you more view objects are green.

A green object that is believed to give a positive impact to the eye, therefore try to occasionally go to the mountain to look at trees. If it can’t because far away or busy, frequently see the objects that the distance is far enough in which to rest the muscles of the eye.

7. See moving objects

How to reduce eye minus this one can be done every day to look at the vehicle that passed ply on the road, but if you feel this is harmful, then you can replace it by using ping pong balls wrapped in a piece of thread.  Look at the ping pong balls swung from long distances with your eyes.

The eyes are indeed disturbing visions and minus the appearance of so many are using soft lens or glasses. But, with a variety of tips and how to treat the eyes minus has been explained above, so you can reduce and eliminate minus with practical and fast.