7 Reasons Why You Need Vitamin C in Skin Care

Vitamin C shown to have many benefits for the health of the body and the skin, using a skincare containing high vitamin C will surely make to avoid becoming healthier and look fresh. Want to know what are the benefits of Vitamin C for skin? Come check out 7 reasons why you need vitamin C skincare routine:

Skin Care

1. Increase collagen production

Benefits of Vitamin C are for producing collagen. Vitamin C is needed for the production of hidroksiprolin and hidroksilisin that will bind collagen-producing molecule in the body. This will give a positive impact on the skin, because the benefits of Vitamin C will also maintain skin’s firmness.

2. Protection from sunlight

Benefits of Vitamin C were as protector of the Sun. Vitamin C protects the skin from free radicals and other harmful substances. The content of antioxidants in vitamin C protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation and exposure to sunlight.

3. Heal wounds

Vitamin C is also beneficial as a wound healer. The body needs vitamin C to repair and replace damaged tissues, which will help the healing process of wounds faster. Slow ulcer healed could be symptoms of lack of vitamin c.

4. Prevent skin discoloration

Vitamin C can also as preventive skin color. Vitamin C may protect DNA from photochemical (photochemical) which can cause discoloration of the skin. These vitamins will also inhibit the production of Pyrimidine which is a major cause of melanoma.

5. Increase the body’s Endurance and helps recovery process

In addition to healthy skin Vitamin C has benefits to improve the durability of thy body is not easy to get sick. Vitamin C can also help the recovery process when you’ve already got sick.

6. Lighten skin naturally

Vitamin C helps produce collagen that will streamline the flow of nutrients to the skin. The small blood vessels under the skin carrying oxygen and various nutrients to ensure skin stay healthy. Without adequate nutritional intake, the skin will become rough and dry.

7.  Antioxidant

Benefits of vitamin C as well as antioxidants that help protect the body from damage from free radicals which can result in the risk of premature aging, cancer, and heart disease.

That’s 7 reasons why you need Vitamin C in Skin Care. Not think that turned out to be an awful lot of Vitamin C benefits. However, don’t forget that Vitamin C is not only contained only skin care equipment, but the benefits of Vitamin C also can you get by way of taking special Vitamin C supplements.