7 Of the Most Effective Cholesterol-Lowering Foods

Eat fried dishes such as fried chicken, fried foods, nuggets, and more delicious. But, do we realize that food contains cholesterol levels that are very dangerous for your heart health? Are there cholesterol-lowering foods if you already have high cholesterol?

Cholesterol-Lowering Foods

Of course there is. Cholesterol-lowering foods will help reduce cholesterol levels in a person’s body on the condition that people reduce consumption of high cholesterol foods such as mutton and beef.

Offered from Harvard Health Publishing, here is a cholesterol-lowering food proven to be powerful and effective in lowering cholesterol levels.

1. Green peas

Cholesterol-lowering foods must be rich in fiber. Foods that are high in fiber levels also make the stomach feel full longer because it takes longer for the body to digest. People with cholesterol due to excess weight can lower cholesterol by way of fibrous diet foods like peas.

2. Oat

Cholesterol-lowering foods are one of the most easily found and presented is a bowl of oatmeal or oat cereal for breakfast. Oats are rich in fiber which is easily digested by the body. Served and can also be combined with fresh fruit such as banana or strawberries which provide additional fiber.

3. Wheat and barley

Similar to oats, barley and wheat contains fibers that easily digestible by the body to reduce cholesterol levels, also lowers the risk of developing heart disease. These cholesterol-lowering foods can serve as an alternative to rice and cholesterol for patients with diabetes.

4. Soybeans

Soy milk and other processed soy foods such as tempeh and tofu are the most effective cholesterol-lowering foods than others. Analysis of experts shows that consuming 25 grams of protein from soybeans per day can reduce LDL levels by 6 percent. If you don’t want to eat soybeans directly, you can also try soy milk.

5. Nuts

Various studies find that eating almonds, walnuts, and other nuts-nut types are very good for heart health. Cholesterol-lowering foods consumed as much as 2 ounces a day is able to lower the levels of LDL (Low density lipoprotein-) by 5 percent within a period of 3 weeks.

6. Apples, grapes, and oranges

Fruits such as apples, grapes, and oranges contain pectin which serves to reduce LDL levels significantly in a short time.

7. Fiber supplement

Aside from the fruit and vegetable, there is a supplement that is made from natural ingredients into a capsule or easy instant drinks are served and are perfect for a busy or you do not have cholesterol-lowering food on its own. These supplements are usually made from fish oil and other ingredients.

Health is a precious thing in life. Therefore, always check routine cholesterol levels and glucose in your body so that the health and quality of life remain awake the better.