7 Habits That Can Make You Slimmer Body

Diet and exercise are always identified as a way to get the slimmer body into almost every woman’s dream. But it turns out you can also get the slimmer body without having to diet and exercise in the trenches. You can be thin in a snap with just familiarize yourself to do the 7 habits in the following:

7 Habits That Can Make You Slimmer Body 1

1. Breakfast regularly

The easiest way to get your body slim is a habit for yourself is always the breakfast in the morning. The breakfast routine will be able to keep you from the risk of obesity or overweight.

Even people who skip breakfast have a risk of 4 times higher for obese than those with regular breakfast each day. This is because the person who often skip breakfast tend to be eating more when the lunch because of hunger.

As a result, they will be consuming more calories and fat, even the number of calories that goes into their bodies could be 100 calories more than people who never miss breakfast.

Therefore, do not forget to always take myself eating a meal in the morning. After eating the bread, oatmeal or other breakfast menu, you can also consume a few spoons of honey to endorse the diet program you. In addition to good for skin beauty, honey also proved effective in losing weight.

2. Eat slowly

The fact that is quite surprising to You frequently eat quickly, turns out these habits can increase the risk of the occurrence of obesity because the brain takes at least 20 minutes to feel full.

If packed quickly, brain you would still think that the food you eat is not enough really. In the end, even though it’s been packed in many portions of the brain, you will still feel “hungry” and ordered the body to continue to eat more.

Therefore, try to familiarize ourselves to eat slowly. Surely you will feel satiated more quickly with fewer food portions than usual.

Chew food slowly, can also be interspersed with drinking water. In addition to making you feel faster to eat, it is also good for your digestive health because chewing slowly and longer will also make the food more refined perfectly.

3. Eat at the dinner table

Do you like to eat while watching television, standing, working or doing other activities? If yes, you should stop the habit of starting from now. A number of researches prove that eating while doing other activities will make you become not focus when eating.

While not the focus, the brain is not going to feel “full” even though the food that goes into your mouth is enough to meet daily caloric intake. As a result, the brain will continue to order the hand to continue inserting the food into the mouth.

Therefore, familiarize yourself to eat at the dinner table, without doing other activities. In addition to reducing portions when eating, eating habits by sitting at the table can also make you full for longer and was able to postpone hunger.

4. Eat using small plates

Another way that you can do to keep the dining portion so as not to overload is to use small-sized plate. Sometimes it is not you who are hungry stomachs, but eyes hungry.
When using large plates, we will also tend to eat more portions until the plate is full. This is because taking food with a small portion on a large plate, then the food is not filling for your eyes.

But if you’re using a small dish, although taking food with a little portion, but will look full and make you see the food is enough to make you feel full. Well from now on, try to get used to eat using a smaller plate.

5. Brush your teeth after meals

You may be wondering, what is the relationship between brushing your teeth with a slim body? Mint aromas contained in the teeth will definitely able to reduce appetite. That way, after eating you’ll feel full longer, so you can suppress appetite to eat more.

6. Chat while walking

Too long sits is also one of the causes of the large number of flab on the body. Therefore, try to move more actively, such as standing or walking while chatting. This could be the most appropriate way for you who often work and sitting in front of a computer in a long time.

7. Sing

Almost everybody surely loves to sing. As we know, singing can indeed give many benefits to our body, ranging from cozy effect; treat the stress to relieving pain. But not only that, it turns out that singing can also lose weight.

It is said that singing for 20 minutes alone, people who have weight 68 kg can burn approximately 34 calories if singing while sitting, and 45 calories if sing while standing. So to be able to slim down, you don’t have to be tired-tired of fitness, enough to sing every day.