7 Financial Applications You Can Download To Help Manage Your Finance

Banking activities and manage money becomes easier every day. You can now pay via internet banking without having to go to the bank, just use a Smartphone for you. For those of you who are too busy to tracking monthly expenses or simply set the daily finance you may need financial applications for help.

Financial Applications

Personal finance application helps remind us to pay the Bills, keep an eye on your account balance and remain within our budget. Some of the following finance application can even display all transactions in some credit card and bank account in one application only. You can see all the transactions that occur on all accounts and calculate all of your balance.

Financial applications that can help manage your finances so much easier:

1. Venmo

Venmo is finance application. Venmo allows its users to easily send and receive money from friends. This application also offers basic functionality, but very useful. Venmo rely on social networks because the payment system is Venmo all-around mobile payment. Don’t forget to make sure your account activity is private when using this application.

2. Monefy

Monefy is a financial application that you can download in the App Store and PlayStore for free. This financial application is basic and simple. Monefy can help you to record all your financial expenses and income, from large to small. Monefy can also be synchronized on several gadgets at once, so if you have a lot of gadgets, Monefy is the best choice.

3. The Level of Money

For those who have a financial situation that is not complex, Application-Level Money can tell you how much income and expenditure every day, and also how much money can be saved. If you are completely unaware of the daily expenses, this is a great app to keep finances continue to run smoothly.

4. LearnVest

LearnVest personal financial education website offers an interesting mobile application to monitor your finances. This application is comprehensive and very similar to Mint. Although LearnVest offers payment amounting to $19 per month and $299 registrations, the advantage is you can relate to real-life financial advisor.

One disadvantage of this application is that LearnVest is only available on the iPhone and the Web, so Android users cannot download it on PlayStore. To monitor and manage individual finance, this application is equivalent to the Mint application. LearnVest root is in literacy and financial education, so LearnVest offers a lot of reading material on its application and on its website, based on the topic you choose.

5. Budget Boss

If you are often looking for iPhone application for finance are simple and easy to use that will help you save money for the budget, evaluate their effectiveness, and make informed decisions about your financial future, Budget Boss is the right choice.

If you are using an application such as Mint and you think the application is too complex, the Budget Boss is the right choice if you want to minimize time spent on planning the finances but still want help manages money more intelligently.

6. Qapital

Personal finance application Qapital encourages you to store and save money through gamification. This makes you can save easily, even though you are required to open a new savings account. Qapital is an application suitable for you the spenders and who wants to save money.

7. Stashes Invest

Stashes Invest is iPhone applications that can help users get started investing. You can buy, sell, and monitor the investment funds, with just $5 to get started. This is a simple application and you will benefit from the additional features and options notice, but still can help start investment quickly.

For users with an investment of less than $5,000, the first three months the cost is free. It is enough to pay $1 per month thereafter. But for account holder with $5,000 or more must pay 0.25 percent of their account balances per year.

Now you do not need to be confused as to what your income and expenses and how to start investing, with one app alone. Interesting isn’t it? You can download it now on the App Store and Play the Smartphone store.