7 Direct Breastfeeding Benefits for Mother and Little One

Every mother wishes is sure to provide the best for fruit of the heart, one of which is by direct feeding. So in fact what benefits would be brought against children and nursing mothers? Direct breastfeeding benefits include:

7 Direct Breastfeeding Benefits for Mother and Little One 1

1. Speed up recovery after childbirth

Not a few mothers who after childbirth experience postpartum depression. Oxytocin substances released during breastfeeding accelerate the uterus to contract and reduce blood expenditure after giving birth. In addition, the uterus will also return to its original size faster by breastfeeding.

2. Prevent Breast cancer

The benefits of breastfeeding in addition to providing the right nutritional intake for the baby can also minimize the possibility of the mother getting breast cancer. This is because during breastfeeding, the mother experiences hormonal changes and delays the menstrual cycle, which means that estrogen intake is reduced. Estrogen is a hormone that can create breast cancer cell growth.

3. Preventing childhood obesity

Well, this is one of the biggest benefits of breastfeeding. According to the study, infants fed BREAST MILK for the first 6 months have a better diet big time later. BREAST MILK can burn up to 400 calories per day depending on how often the child’s feeding, so that the weight of the mother while pregnant quickly.

4. Stronger Bones

The formation of the bones of babies can be accelerated with the consumption of BREAST MILK regularly. In addition to bone, the benefits of breastfeeding include escape from a variety of illnesses ranging from diarrhea to asthma. Not only are baby bones, bone’s mother else becomes stronger thanks to the absorption of calcium.

5. Hold the child and mother

Regular breastfeeding activities will encourage closer bonding between mother and child thanks to constant physical contact. One of the benefits of breastfeeding for babies is that they will feel safe being approached by their mothers so that they form a psychological maturity when they grow up.

6. Reduce the chances of SIDS

SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome was the most feared mothers. According to the study, the likelihood of children who regularly consume BREAST MILK to be exposed to far less than the SIDS of those who cannot breast feed.

7. BREAST MILK adjusts to the needs of the child

The benefits of breastfeeding for children and mothers is that breast milk knows very well what the child needs, and will regulate nutrition intake according to the child’s needs. Instead of changing formula milk along with the baby’s growth, it’s better to use breast milk only.

Well now you already know what are the benefits of breastfeeding for mother and baby? Although there are still many mothers who doubt out there, giving baby BREAST MILK is very important to support the growth of bones and the brain as the baby grows.

In addition beneficial for infants, BREAST MILK also brings advantages to the mother. Don’t forget to share this article to your friends to share the benefits of breastfeeding.