7 Benefits of Bananas You Might Not Know

Bananas are an instant source of energy and are a type of fruit that is very easy to find in all parts of the world. Almost all shopping centers and traditional markets sell bananas. This fruit is sold at affordable prices.


The yellow-skinned fruit that contains 90 calories per serving, this is more healthy snacks instead of chips or other snacks. Benefits of banana can be felt directly by diabetics because of low sugar levels.

There are a myriad of benefits of bananas are probably not up to this time you know. Therefore refer to the articles about the benefits of banana:

1. Bananas are beneficial for heart health

Foods rich in fiber are believed by experts is very good for heart health. A study conducted by the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom, increasing the consumption of fiber-rich foods such as bananas may decrease the risk of a variety of disorders of the heart.

2. Bananas are beneficial to maintain blood pressure

It is common knowledge that consuming too much salt will have a bad impact on people with high blood pressure. The benefits of bananas are also very pronounced for people with high blood pressure as a neutralizer and alternative salt because the levels of potassium in bananas are very high and the salt content in bananas is very low.

3. Improve the digestive system

Bananas have a sweet and sour taste. The sweet taste of banana fruit is helpful to create a sense of fullness, and a sour taste to stimulate body organs related to the digestive system. Benefits of banana are increasing the metabolism and improve digestive systems for people with digestive disorders such as constipation.

4. Banana peels can remove acne scars

Not only are the fruit, the benefits of bananas also found on the skin. If you have a problem with your facial skin due to acne scars that cannot be lost, rub a fresh banana peel to brown it on the acne scars. Within 1 week there will be a significant difference.

5. Help fight anemia

Bananas are also good for patients with anemia due to high levels of iron on bananas. Anemia is a condition in which the number of red blood cells or the hemoglobin continues to decline. The result of the anemia is easily tired, short of breath and skin turned pale.

6. Rich in fiber

Banana consists of fibers, namely fiber complex digestible. Easily digestible fiber has benefits to slow decomposition of food so as to make you full for longer. Banana fruit suitable breakfast because it doesn’t make you too drowsy to feel full, but it can make the stomach is not hungry to start the activity in the morning.

7. Banana makes happy

Because bananas are very rich in tryptophan, a substance which is then converted into serotonin by the brain, then bananas would create the feeling of being happy and helps reduce depression weight though.

Well, now let’s multiply the consumption of bananas because bananas contain a myriad of benefits and the benefits of bananas you can feel directly.