6 Warm Drinks That Are Also Effective To Warm the Body

When cold air penetrating the skin, protect you with a jacket or blanket is far from enough. Although cold air is often considered trivial, but if continued support we feel will certainly give harm to our health.

6 Warm Drinks That Are Also Effective To Warm the Body 1

Therefore, if cold air hits especially at night or during the rainy season, you should not just ignore it. In addition to using body warmers, you can also warm your body by sipping warm drinks that are proven to be effective against the cold in our bodies. These drinks include:

1. Ginger drinks

A drink made from the extract and ginger juice is also a drink that fit the body warms you and also keeps the body in order to keep fit. The drink has a distinctive sweet and spicy flavor ginger turned out to be one of the favorite drinks in Western countries in winter.

2. Dark Chocolate

When its cold, a glass of dark chocolate is a drink we can’t refuse. Surely the cold feeling that we feel can disappear in an instant. Not only is it delicious and makes it addictive, a cup of warm chocolate is also good for health because it contains bioflavonoid which can lower blood pressure.

3. Drink milk egg honey ginger

The drink is also so one of my favorite drinks in when the weather is cold. True to its name, this drink is made from a mixture of sweetened condensed milk; free-range chicken eggs, honey, and Ginger are destroyed. Of the ingredients alone is visible if this drink has benefits that are good for the body. If you are less like with egg mixture, keep this drink you can enjoy as ginger milk can also warm the body.

4. Beer Pletok

Although his name is beer pletok but you don’t have to worry, because this drink is different from beer generally containing alcohol. Thus, the original drink Indonesia is not at all contains alcohol and good health to you.

This drink is made from spices such as lemongrass, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, and secang wood. It is not surprising that the taste of this brownish red drink is quite unique because it has a sweet and slightly spicy flavor. Sipping this drink will make your body cool again fresh and fit.

5. Bandrek

Drinks that are also from Indonesia are also effective for warming your cold-hit body. Bandrek is generally made from ginger and brown sugar. However, in certain areas it usually uses other spices such as pandan leaves, lemongrass, pepper, chicken eggs and so on. This drink is also believed to cure various diseases such as cough and sore throat.

6. Egg Nog

Not only delicious food, while eggs are also delicious when processed into a warm drink. Egg nog is a drink with a taste of this sweet made from egg yolks are beaten and add more water or milk and sugar.

In order to make sense of the increasingly improved and feels, you can use fat-free milk with a little sugar and some pasteurized eggs, and simmer approximately 10 minutes and add a little vanilla, then stay you serve in cups with sprinkles of nutmeg powder. In addition to the warm, this drink also turned out to be good for heart health.

Some of these are guaranteed a warm drinks can warm the body when cold air is being attacked. Then you got chills then there is no harm for sipping one of these hot drinks.