6 Sleep Positions and Their Effects on Health and Daily Behavior

During this time you may often ignore the position of the body during sleep. But did you know that sleep positions is also influential to the health of our body?

6 Sleep Positions and Their Effects on Health and Daily Behavior 1

1. Sleep position of the fetus

Sleeping curled like a fetus position good for frequent snoring and those who are pregnant. But despite the comfortable beds, with knees drawn up and tilted his Chin down it can also cause pain in the back and neck.

If you’re familiar with this position, we recommend that you sleep curled up facing to the right. Because sleep curled up facing the left can cause stress on the vital organs of the body you like the lungs, liver, and stomach.

You who sleep curled up position it is with sensitive personal and shy. However, if you already feel close to others, you can be a person who can be friends and good talk can dilute the atmosphere.

2. Sleep position on your back with your hands above your head

This position is also good for the health of the spine. In addition, sleep on your back with both hands above the head can also prevent wrinkles the face and prevent the emergence of acne.

But as with the position of the bed with both hands on the side, a sleeping position can also cause you to snore, raising the stomach acid, as well as put pressure on your shoulder nerve causing the pain.

People who sleep with this position are a good listener, very welcoming, and have a high morale, but not too like to be the center of attention.

3. Sleep position on her back with a hand on the side of the body

Sleep on your back with both hands on the side of the body is considered to be the best sleeping position for the health of the spine and neck, as long as you don’t use a pillow that is too high.

But sleeping on your back can also make an impact i.e. can because you not sleep soundly, snoring, breathing hard, even one of sleep disorders such as “Sleep Apnea”.

You are sleeping with this position is usually a quiet, private and reserved, and have high standards in everything to be achieved.

4. Position Sideways with the hand on the side of the body

When you sleep with this position, the spine is straight-shaped so that you will be able to reduce neck and back pain, and can also reduce “Sleep Apnea”. But with this position also gave negative effects be aging due to gravity, which causes the skin of the face you be fast wrinkles and breast become slack.

People who sleep with this position tends to be casual, like to socialize, friendly, trusting, and always maintain the trust given by others.

5. Position Sideways with Extendable Hand Out

With this position can alleviate “sleep apnea” and decrease stomach acid. However, this position can also cause pain in the shoulder and arm due to pressure on the nerves and blood flow is not smooth.

People who sleep with this position tend to be open to new things, but full of suspicion. You need a long time to make decisions; think of the consequences that will be incurred if a decision is taken. But if you’ve made a selection, you will never regret the decision you take.

6. Sleep position on your stomach

Sleeping on your stomach can increase the working power of your digestive device, if you do not sleep with your face facing the pillow. If you sleep on your stomach, you should tilt your face so you can breathe more easily. But sleeping in this position can increase tension in the neck and cause back pain.

You who sleep on your prone position tend to like to socialize and have many friends, but are often careless and easily offended and do not like being criticized.

In addition to selecting the proper sleep position, sleep with an extra cushion of course will also make your night’s rest became more soundly and wake refreshed in the morning.

For those of you who sleep with a position on your back can add a small pillow under the arches of the spine. While for those who are accustomed to sleep sideways can add a pillow between his knees, and sleeping face-down can add a pillow under the hips to relieve pressure on the joints.