5 Ways to Reduce Cholesterol through Everyday Habits

Are you including oily and fatty food fan? If yes, then you should be vigilant with cholesterol levels in the body. High cholesterol can increase your risk of developing heart disease and heart attacks.

5 Ways to Reduce Cholesterol through Everyday Habits 1

If you’ve already checked cholesterol levels and turned out to have high cholesterol, then the next task that must be done is how to lower cholesterol. The doctor’s treatment does help, but there are some simple and natural ways that can be done to lower cholesterol:

1. Consumption of Whey Protein

Whey protein is one of the proteins found in milk. If you are eating cheese, processed milk, which is the only protein casein, whey protein while wasted water yield production process cheese.

Whey protein in some research can reduce levels of LDL cholesterol and total cholesterol. Consumption of whey protein can be made by drinking whey protein supplements and diligent drink low fat milk daily.

2. Consume More Omega-3 Fatty Acids

No need to worry, because omega 3 fatty acids will not affect bad cholesterol levels, but it is very helpful in increasing good cholesterol (HDL) levels, as well as reducing triglycerides (a type of fat contained in the blood) thereby reducing blood pressure. Some food sources that contain high levels of omega-3 fatty acids include salmon and mackerel, almonds, walnuts, and flaxseed (flax).

3. Choose healthy foods that are good for the heart

The consumption of foods that clean and healthy is very necessary because the origin of high cholesterol on someone is derived from food consumed daily. So, you have to be selective in terms of choosing which foods can keep cholesterol levels and boost heart health as fruits, green vegetables, whole grains and don’t forget to avoid Tran’s fats, such as crackers, pastries, and fry-pan.

4. Avid Sports

Regardless of weight, exercise is still important for you to reduce cholesterol. And fortunately, exercise can help increase high-density lipoprotein (HDL) or good cholesterol in your body. Do it by body for at least 30 minutes every day.

It will also help you lose weight which also may fight in lowering high cholesterol. The type of exercise that can be done to help lower bad cholesterol, among others, by walking every day during lunch hour, cycling, swimming or other sports favorites.

5. Quit smoking

If you include a heavy smoker, you should stop from now on. Quitting smoking can improve the quality of good cholesterol. Not only that, the longer you quit smoking, the more benefits you get.

Quit smoking for 20 minutes will lower blood pressure and heart rate. Quit smoking for 1 year, the risk of developing heart disease is only half of the heavy smoker. Especially if quitting smoking for 15 years, the risk you are exposed to heart disease was almost the same as those who had never smoked.

Well, it turns out that how to reduce cholesterol through your daily habits is very easy to do. By eating healthy and nutritious foods and diligently exercising you can reduce cholesterol and bad fats in your body. The steps above can also help make your body and heart healthier and stronger. Let’s start living healthy and cholesterol free from now on.