5 Tomb Raider Games on Android that You Must Try

Tomb Raider is one of the games that accompany the evolution of 3D graphics technology on consoles and PCs. What keeps it distinctive from the beginning until now is the female protagonist who is versatile, resilient, also skillful and intelligent in solving ancient relic puzzles that usually exist in the row of Tomb Raider games.

In addition to be enjoyed on the console, there are several series of Tomb Raider games that you can also enjoy on Android Smartphone’s. The evolution of graphics processors that can now be embedded in the hands now can make it easier for you to play Tomb Raider games anywhere.

For you fans of Tomb Raider and Lara Croft, here we summarize the 5 best Tomb Raider games on Android that you must try.

1. Tomb Raider I – Nostalgia with Lara Croft PS1 version

5 Tomb Raider Games on Android that You Must Try 1

Tomb Raider I will take you to the nostalgic path with graphic elements with low-grade polygons and minimal detail, typical of the PS1. This is where the beginning of all the popularity of Lara Croft at the beginning of its appearance, the video game market is dominated by male protagonist characters.

The game you can get on Play Store fully supports Bluetooth controller. With the third person shooter perspective, control Lara Croft’s character to uncover the secrets of the city of Atlantis and the mystery of the Egyptian pyramids.

2. Lara Croft: Guardian of Light – Intuitive controls, with 3D graphics console class

Lara Croft Guardian of Light

Lara Croft Game: Guardian of Light set in a place in the Central American rainforest, where Lara Croft is in the midst of an adventure looking for an ancient artifact of relics of a past civilization named Mirror of Smoke. In the Guardian of Light story, anyone with a Mirror of Smoke can control the future of all human beings in hand. As always, in order to avoid the possibility of the destruction of the world, Lara Croft went to defeat Xolotl’s “God of Darkness” who mastered these artifacts.

Lara Croft: Guardian of Light presents a game perspective with fixed angle cameras that recall the classic Resident Evil game series, typical with dramatic camera spotlight.

3. Lara Croft GO – puzzle game with isometric graphics

5 Tomb Raider Games on Android that You Must Try 2

Lara Croft GO was awarded The Game Awards (TGA) in 2015 thanks to an innovative game, combining minimalist isometric graphics with unique puzzles. This 15 thousand-dollar game is similar to Hitman GO, adopting a turn-based turn-around game system, which you must complete the level with as few steps as possible.

4. Tomb Raider II – Successor Tomb Raider I

5 Tomb Raider Games on Android that You Must Try 3

Tomb Raider II which was originally released in 1997, now you can enjoy back via Android Smartphone. Lara Croft returns to a challenging adventure, this time to find Dagger of Xian who has dragon powers. However, Lara Croft is not the only one looking for Dagger of Xian in the Tomb Raider II game, here is your job to control Lara Croft and secure Dagger of Xian in a challenging and adventurous stage.

Like Tomb Raider I Android version, this game also supports wireless controllers such as Xiaomi Mi Controller, MOGA, IPEGA, and others.

5. Lara Croft: Relic Run – Temple Run version of Tomb Raider

5 Tomb Raider Games on Android that You Must Try 4

This game is for casual game players, because the game pattern is “borrowed” Temple Run, with the uniqueness of a linear level with the protagonist who runs in a straight line. In this game you must avoid the various obstacles from dangerous ancient buildings while collecting points.

That’s the last 5 games Tomb Raider on Android that you can try, both of which claimed fans of Tomb Raider and casual gamers.