5 Best Light Browser Applications on Android Smartphone

Modern human life as it currently could not regardless of the existence of the smart phones. One of the most popular Smartphone operating system Android used by various manufacturers of electronics and technology utilized by many people to sustain productivity, a phone call, send a message, e-mail, and to access media social.

Browser Applications on Android

For those who tend to be wading through the vastness of the ocean of the internet using a mobile browser, web browser the best option of course become important. Most people will use the default browser of your Smartphone, but it does not give you experience surfing in cyberspace such extraordinary use of best Android browser.

In order for you not confused, here is a recommendation of best Android browser that makes surfing experience in virtual worlds become more comfortable and fast.

1. Google Chrome

No need to doubt that Chrome is one of the best browsers in the cross platform. Either the mobile or desktop, Chrome has been a favorite of everyone. Chrome is the default browser on Android devices ‘ pure ‘ version, but the reason many people use it is a minimalist look and features ‘ potluck, ‘ without a browser that makes the mobile browser feels heavy.

2. Firefox for Android

Best Android browser which is also commonly used for the personal computer (PC) is undergoing various changes in the year 2018. There is the latest user interface coupled with super fast internet experience on Android. Up to now, Firefox is still in the development stage but can be downloaded and used for free on Android.

3. Opera Browser

One of the best Android browsers has become a veteran in the mobile browser world long before popular Android. The Opera composed of two versions of IE versions of Opera and Opera Mini in which smaller and lighter. Opera has a feature ad block, Facebook notifications, and download speed acceleration.

4. Dolphin Browser

The best browser for Android, Dolphin, has gained numerous awards from early on was released. The best browser for Android was developed by MoboTap; it can be downloaded and used for free for Android and iOS platforms.

Dolphin Browser comes with HTML5 features, ad blocker, flash player, gesture, incognito mode, and other useful features. Dolphin browser is also very lightweight and capable of optimizing the download speed. Loads web pages also carried out quickly and there is the feature of saving the data.

5. Browser Flynx

For those of you that often open several tabs at the same time, the winner were the Browser Flynx. You can change the tab quickly using Flynx. There is also a feature of the download page, so that it can be read offline. Flynx can also eliminate many different ads, so you much more efficient while surfing in cyberspace.

It is a list of the best and fastest browser Android that you can count on to surf the internet with the comfort and maximum. To be able to use internet browser as you wish, don’t forget to buy a pulse and data packet at the cheapest prices.