3 Elderly Gymnastic Movement That Make the Body Stay Healthy

Sport is not only needed for young people, but also much-needed to the elderly people who are already aged. You are already advanced age kept can do sports with gymnastics movement elderly are easy, so no word too late to start exercising more.

Elderly Gymnastic

If the parents are already elderly think just need to enjoy life with relaxing, this is wrong. The health of elderly people also still needs to be maintained, one of them with exercise.

Sport can help prevent the bone is porous, preventing the onset of a disease, to improve mood, memory, and balance the body. So, do not hesitate, come the elderly ranging from gymnastics now. Here are some gymnastics movements that can be followed to those who have elderly, among others:

1. Stretch the neck

Head and neck stretching exercises it can make the neck more flexible and agile moves. Follow the following steps: first, turn your head to the left and right slowly while looking at the shoulder. Then, tilt the head to the shoulders left and to the right until it feels a bit of a stretch. Hold this position for 15 to 20 seconds. Then turn the head to the opposite direction and hold. Do the movement is repeated up to three times.

2. Lift Arm

This movement can train the biceps muscle power is located in the front of the upper arm. Refer to the following steps: first, standing upright and expand distance wide shoulders. Then, hand-held barbells light or objects of any kind that can be used as weights for exercise lift with both hands facing forward.

Then, take a deep breathe and bend both elbows, lifting weights slowly while breathe, hold it for a few seconds. Lower back arm slowly while you pull the breather. Do this movement as much as 10 to 15 times.

3. Lift up one foot

The movement of this one can train balance the body. Follow the following steps: first, expand both hands forward, and then lift the left leg parallel to the hip, hold for a few seconds. Lower the leg back slowly. Repeat this movement as much as three times and don’t forget to train the foot next to the right.

This exercise can also be done with the beds position, how fold one knee to chest stretch away to the side as far as possible, and then repeat the movement on foot only. Keep legs straight with no bend the knees.

The duration of elderly gymnastics training is a minimum of 30-40 minutes. Before doing gymnastics, there are several things to know:

1. Before gymnastics must warm up and stretch, then continue with the exercise and do not forget to do the cooling and stretching again at the end of the exercise.
2. Before and after the gymnastics always drink plain water prior to replacing the lost sweat.
3. Gymnastics should always be supervised by the coach, not to an accident or injury.
4. Gymnastics done slowly don’t be too quick or heavy because it can affect the spine.
5. If the practice is done outside of the room, preferably time gymnastics performed while the morning or afternoon.

Those are some of the easy-going elderly gymnastic movements for elderly parents. For young people, it is mandatory for you to invite elderly relatives or families to start doing elderly gymnastics.