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Fruit and Vegetable Salad Recipe with Simple Ingredients

Health is the important thing; we have to maintain body condition with good, diligent exercise and enough rest, eating healthy foods such as fruit and vegetables. Fruit and vegetables have lots of vitamin a and fiber play a role in maintaining healthy body.

In order to consume fruit and vegetables practically, you could try the salad. The salad is a snack consisting of fruit or vegetable. The salad is very good is consumed because it has content that is good for the body. In addition to this salad is also very suitable for you who are losing weight or maintaining weight is ideal.

Well, this time we will provide a fruit and vegetable salad recipe with simple ingredients that you can try. Fruit salad consists of various kinds of fresh fruit. Fruit can be adjusted according to your taste.

A Simple Fruit Salad Recipe

Fruit salad ingredients:

1 slice watermelon
2 slices of melon
3 slices pineapple
2 slices of Dragon fruit
1 Green Apple fruit
1 piece avocado (small size)
Plain Yogurt
Sweetened condensed milk
Grated cheese

How to make a fruit salad:

1. Wash, Peel and cut all fruit, input into one container and store in the refrigerator so that more fresh and cool
2. Make the salad dressing in a way, combine sweetened condensed milk, mayonnaise and plain yogurt, and mix well
3. Remove the fruit that is stored in the refrigerator, and then pour the sauce on the fruit.
4. Sow grated cheese to taste
5. Fruit Salad prepared on enjoys

Simple Vegetable Salad Recipe

Vegetable salad consists of various kinds of fresh vegetables; vegetables can be adjusted to your taste.

Vegetable salad ingredients:

2 fruit potatoes
2 pieces of carrot
10 cut string beans
1 piece of Cucumber
2 red tomatoes
Lettuce leaves to taste
2 sweet corn
Grated cheese
Sweetened condensed milk

How to make vegetable salad:

1. Wash and steam all vegetables except lettuce until done
2. When the vegetables are cooked, combine all vegetables in one container and input into the fridge
3. Prepare the sauce by mixing sweetened condensed milk and mayonnaise
4. Remove vegetables from the refrigerator and then pour the sauce on vegetables
5. Sawing grated cheese to taste
6. Vegetable Salad is ready to be enjoyed

That's fruit and vegetable salad recipes Healthier with simple ingredients that you can try. Let's start a healthy lifestyle with the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetable salad that you can create your own at home.
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