8 Best Game Console Gamers the Most Exciting Recommendations

Game Console has become part of the history of the world of gaming. Although mobile gaming Central ", a variety of variants of the game console best still has a fan base of his own. Following the recommendations of various game console best must try by the gamers.

1. Sony PlayStation 3 Super Slim

Sony PlayStation 3 Super Slim is one variant of Sony PlayStation 3 game consoles that have smaller size than previous versions. This gaming console uses a 3.2 GHz CPU cell microprocessor that is powered GPU RSX Reality Synthesizer NVIDIA G70 500 MHz GPU.

2. Sony PlayStation 4 Pro

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro

Sony PlayStation 4 Play station 4 ProSony Pro is a favorite game console into a successor of a PlayStation 4. Sony PlayStation 4 Pro is still using the same CPU used in the previous version. However, nowadays the PlayStation 4 Pro uses the latest GPU, semi-custom AMD CGN Radeon with 8 cores that makes it capable of playing games with a resolution of 4 k.

3. Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS is the best portable game console that became the successor of its previous product that is Nintendo DS. Nintendo 3DS is equipped with dual core ARM11 MPCore & single core ARM9 processor supported by DMP PICA200 GPU which is more powerful than Nintendo DS. Nintendo 3DS also has an internal memory capacity of 1 GB.

4. Nintendo DS Lite

Nintendo DS Lite portable gaming console is a favorite Nintendo output. First introduced on the market in 2006, the game console that has two touch screen display provides a slot for Game Boy Advance cartridge which is a portable console which is also owned by Nintendo. This gaming console is suitable for you who want to reminisce with special Nintendo Games.

5. Nintendo XL 2DS

Nintendo gaming console is 2DS portable XL from Nintendo that has a screen size 82% bigger than the Nintendo 2DS. On this gaming console you can enjoy various game ever released on the Nintendo DS and the Nintendo 3DS at once to enjoy the latest games released exclusively for Nintendo XL 2DS. This game console game console lovers owned mandatory Nintendo.

6. Microsoft Xbox One

Xbox One is a flagship game console from Microsoft to continue the success of its previous product is Xbox 360. Microsoft equip its best gaming console with AMD x86-64 CPU 8 cores with speed 1.75 GHz and is supported GPU 853 MHz AMD Radeon HD 7000 series for the best experience in playing this game console from Microsoft.

7. PlayStation 2 Slim

Console game this one is perfect for you who like to reminisce with those games on a legendary gaming console from Sony, namely PlayStation 2. PlayStation 2 Slim has a 300 MHz processor and a more concise form than with previous versions of the PlayStation 2. Now, the best selling gaming console from Sony this can you get with an affordable price.

8. Nintendo Switches

Nintendo's latest games console Switch is the mainstay of Nintendo. This console is designed in a very flexible and comes with wireless control. Nintendo Switches have multi touch LCD screen and comes with Nvidia Custom CPU Dares processor with 32 GB internal memory capacity which can extend up to-2 TB.
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