There Are Many Things That Can Cause Ringing In the Ears

Ear ringing can have many causes. An ear ringing cause could be as simple as extended exposure to a very loud sound such as at a rock concert or even exposure to the sound of an explosion. Ear ringing causes can be simple or they can be a sign of a more severe illness or condition.

Ringing In The Ears

Defining the Cause

As there are many things that can cause ringing in the ears, it is necessary to work out what has caused your symptoms. Ear ringing causes may only relate to something that has recently happened or it may relate to an underlying illness or condition. If that is the case, it is essential that the symptoms are shared with a medical professional in order to diagnose the problem properly. Once diagnosed, it is easier to treat.

Causes of Ear Ringing

Ringing in the ears can be caused by extreme stress or trauma, however, the most common cause is more likely to be hearing loss. Hearing loss can be related to age or to trauma to the ear. Ear ringing causes could be an accident or a head injury. Ear ringing causes could simply be degeneration in the ear due to age or an underlying problem. Ear ringing can also be present in those with ear infections or those with excess wax in their ears.

Another common ear ringing cause is loud noise exposure. With the advent of iPods and mp3 players being so accessible, children are being more exposed to loud sounds and music due to having less parental input on how loud their speakers are.

This is causing a lot of noise induced hearing loss. Ringing in the ears caused by excessive noise can be avoided but it can also come from working in factories or other loud environments or being in proximity to an explosion or other loud noise. Ear ringing causes can also include overuse of medications such as aspirin and some antibiotics.

Conditions such as Meniere’s disease lists tinnitus as one of the symptoms and certain brain tumors outline further ear ringing causes. Acoustic trauma, where excessive sound energy strikes the inner ear can cause tinnitus. If the trauma is brief, the effects may be reversible; however, extended strain on the auditory nerve may cause permanent damage and permanent hearing loss or ringing in the ears.

Ear ringing is treatable and treatments can vary depending on the cause. It is very important that any symptoms of ear ringing are investigated and medical assistance is obtained. While ringing in the ears may be a minor inconvenience, it may also relate to a bigger problem. Treatment of the ringing will be dependent on the cause, though there are many treatments that are able to be trialed in order to find out which works best.

Many of the causes of tinnitus are preventable. Looking after your ears throughout each stage of life is important in minimizing the chances of suffering from ringing in the ears before it happens naturally. Protecting your ears before damage has a chance to occur is as simple as avoiding noisy environments or being prepared if avoiding is not possible. Using ear plugs or ear muffs is a very simple way of protecting yourself in situations such as a rock concert or if you work in a noisy factory or work site.
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