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If you're a guy looking for free dating advice for men, you're in luck. You can find all kinds of free tips about dating and relationships on the web. This particular article will revolve around the following statistics. Dr. Albert Mehrabian, an expert in nonverbal communication, discovered that nonverbal communication accounts for at least 93 percent of the impact of our communication.

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Words account for only 7 percent. The 93 percent is made up of pace, pitch and tone of voice (38 percent) and facial expressions (55 percent).  It's been proven that body language is VERY important. Understanding that translates into the following tips.

Keep good eye contact with your date. You've probably already heard this one but it is sometimes easier said than done, especially if you are nervous. And remember, the worst sin you can commit on a date is to stare (or even be caught glancing) at your date's chest.

Do everything in your power to NOT look at her chest. This will make sure you don't offend her and it may even cause her to wonder why you're not looking and actually lead her to start trying to provoke you to look! When talking to your date, try to maintain eye contact. Don't stare at her constantly but make a conscious effort to look into her eyes (about 70 percent of the time is a good rule of thumb). Try to be natural.

One of the more overlooked pieces of free dates advice for men . . . stand up straight! This communicates that you are strong, confident and healthy.

Remember to smile. A big honest smile shows your date that you are friendly, fun, and most importantly, comfortable around women. Some people smile more natural than others. If you do not consider yourself a "Cheap Smile", practice a little smile. You may be surprised at home many people smile back.

In certain situations, opening your palms and facing them upwards while you speak can gain your date's trust. This subconsciously tells your date that you are being honest. You can use this to defend yourself against an accusation or simply to make a point about yourself. Remember to smile along with this gesture too.

Avoid fidgeting; running your fingers through your hair, tracing invisible lines in the table or any sort of compulsive gesture that you may do to combat discomfort or nervousness. Try to keep your hands in your lap (if you are sitting) or straight down at your sides (if you are standing). This conveys a sense that you are at ease with yourself and others. And confidence is one major quality that women seek in men.

Don't be afraid of moments of silence in your conversation. Most people try to fill silence as soon as possible. Realize that it's ok. Take a moment to just enjoy the moment.

These are just a few pieces of free dating advice for men. Remember that nonverbal communication is just as, if not more, important than verbal communication . . . especially on a first date!
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