Commitment Issues in a Relationship

There are specific requirements and needs to know if someone wants to be committed in a relationship or not. This is important for everyone involved in that relationship. The worst thing in the world is in love and worship to someone who is not going to commit to you and are not willing to make the commitment is important in a relationship. This can cause a range of negative feelings and emotions.


There are times when people are in a relationship with false expectations. They may believe that their spouse be honest when they say they want to be in a committed relationship. However, somewhere in the rest of the relationship the couple to change their minds and decide that maybe a long term relationship with full commitment is not for them.

This can cause a lot of frustration and unhappiness. A committed person will begin to think that they are just wasting their time in a relationship and that it will not go where and nothing will be gained. People who can't commit may have this problem due to various reasons.

The number one reason that people can't commit is due to emotional problems that can become something in their past. This could be something that causes emotional damage. They can't pass this bad experience and they may fear trying to deal with it and cope with it.

They can't trust anyone, especially in a relationship as long as they have these feelings and this painful they hide. The past must be addressed before one can have a meaningful relationship or future with anyone. If this is not done, there will be pain and continuous pain that will manifest itself into relationships they entered.

Others who are not committed to only engage in relationships as a way to have someone in their life when they find something better or more suitable for them. They are always looking for members of the opposite s*x even when they're in a relationship. They don't care if their spouse with them or see them do it.

This sort of behavior is very disrespectful and reprehensible for anyone. These kinds of people don't feel that they are shared with the people they have. However, they settled for a lesser relationship until they find something better that appears in front of them.

People of this type should be avoided by all means by those who are looking for a committed relationship. These men really fear commitment. People who want a lasting relationship and find themselves with people who are afraid or unwilling to commit, they may find that they are not happy, heart broken, and that they always let down by their partner.

This commitment to find the individuals must make the decision whether they want to remain with the people who are with him or to end the relationship and cut their losses.

Sometimes, the easiest way to know where the relationship will last is from the beginning. Before you engage seriously in a relationship, take time with your prospective partner. Talk amongst yourselves and be open and honest. Find out how the two of you feel about the possibility of a long term relationship and commitment. This can prevent false expectations or problems later on with confusion about what that involve that relationship.
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