You Can Use Pressure Points to Relieve Headaches

If you do not have access to some type of headache medication, can't wait for them to work, or are tired of constantly having to take medication to treat a headache then you may be interested to find ways that you can use pressure points to relieve a headache.


There are some points that are quite obvious, but others may surprise you. Not all headaches or migraines can be aided by the use of pressure points, but most of the time you can get some relief from using it.

There are several places on the head that can bring help.

The first place to try is Your Temple. This is one area that you will not be able to apply a lot of pressure. With just one finger on each hand and place it on your eyebrow ago massage with gentle, moving with a circular motion. Doing this for half a minute to a minute can help create comfort.

Other places in your head to try are putting pressure on the inside of your brow lines near the nose. Here you can feel free to apply a little pressure. If you can ask someone else to do it for you, ask them to start from that point and move their thumb back to the forehead to ear.

There are also a few points that you can apply to it is where your hair line should be. They would correspond to the outer corner of your eyes. Move your fingers toward the Middle, there is another point that you can use.

Moving to your shoulders there are a few more points that you can use. About half way between the outside of the shoulder and your head there is a place and muscle that can be massaged. This area is usually quite tense and its goal is to liberate this area again. May need a little time and a little inconvenience at first, but when it is loosened, headaches you should some as well.

At Your elbow, there's some point again who gave the pressure to be able to help eliminate a headache. One point near the top of your forearm near the elbow bends with you. It will not take long to find it. There are other places down the diagonal from it around the bottom of your biceps muscles. One of these places can relieve a headache. Enough back and forth between these spots and you will probably see your pain is gone.

One point that can bring a sense of relief was at the meat between your thumb and your index finger. Pinch the area with pressure in front and back and you will feel very sharp pain, but the pain in your head will be reduced.

If you have learned more about acupressure and reflexology or have been accustomed to dealing with dots on the feet, you will be able to find some more pressure points to relieve headaches. Some aspirin may be helpful, but try using these pressure points before you put more chemicals into your body.
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