Safety Tips for Running in the Dark

Have you ever realized how nice it ran at night? Yes, night run could be so much fun! I, myself, love to run at night. With my busy schedule and a limited time during the day, I have no other choice but to settle when it's dark! Not that I was complaining, because in fact, I have developed a love for running in the afternoon, when the Sun was going down and getting dark.

Running in the Dark

However, because walking in the dark can never guarantee you safe, not recommended especially if it's going to be in a place where high-volume car. Here are some safety tips to follow to ensure that even if you run in the dark, you will always be safe and resistant to any kind of injury or accident.

Run Against the Traffic on All the Time

Be sure to fight traffic every time you ran. In this way, you'll have a better view of approaching vehicles. Remember, it's always easier and more secure to avoid traffic if you can find it.

And because a run the night isn't really recommended especially for runners who usually have bad visibility in the dark, it would be better to avoid the busy streets especially roads that have no shoulders or sidewalks to accommodate the runners.

Equally important is vigilant at all times and be careful to approach the bikes and runners who will probably you are living. Because even if you tread the road that doesn't have a lot of cars, chances are there are some cyclists or runners like you who may be too tired to think about crashing a co-worker and therefore cause serious injuries for both parties. So, before you stop or turn around the direction, make sure the path is clear.

Make Sure You Are Very Visible

And if you want to run in the morning or early evening, or even at dusk, make it a point to wear something white, yellow or orange. This will help you improve your security barometer as far as running in the dark. What's more, make sure you wear some reflective gear while running, because sometimes even if you are already wearing running shoes with a reflective piece on them, may still not visible to motorists.

Yes, your jacket may indicate some evidence of reflection; but really, sometimes it's better to overdo for your own safety.

Carry Identification at All Times

Never leave the House to walk in the dark and don't have your driver's license with you. Safe-keep your SIM in your pocket or better yet, simply put your shoe on the identification label for your convenience. You should also vary the itinerary for you and your schedule to run because you will never know when there will be an aggressor who will suddenly appear and make you become their target.

Not only in the movies that are happening, have you known. It's true, there are case reports of robbers who study schedules and routines you when they see you ran and then hide away in a place that's dark and isolated to just suddenly surprise you no weapons or anything like that. Don't make yourself a victim of predators.
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