Recipe for the Cabbage Soup Diet Revealed

Are you looking for the recipe for the cabbage soup diet? The program is designed to help you lose 10 pounds in 7 days while not experiencing hunger. That's because you can consume a lot of low-calorie soup along with other specified food every day. The recipe for the cabbage soup diet is as follows:

The Cabbage Soup Diet

6 large green onions
2 green chilies
1 or 2 cans of tomatoes (diced or whole)
3 carrots
1 container (10 oz or so) mushrooms
1 bunch of celery
Half a head of cabbage
1 package Lipton soup mix
1 or 2 bouillon cubes (optional)
1 48oz V8 juice can (optional)
If the V8 juice is not used, enter 12 cups water

If you are ambitious, you'll be sautéing onions green first. If not, you put everything in a large pot and boiled for several hours. Lipton soup and broth should have all the salt you need for seasoning.

Chill and you will have all the soup you will ever need at least for the first few days in the diet.

The soup was a bit bland. You can prepare the cabbage soup diet recipe with salt, pepper, parsley, curry powder, garlic, or spices other calorie-free.

In addition to the soup, the diet allows you to certain foods on certain days:

Day 1: all the fruit you want except bananas.

Day 2: all the veggies you want plus one big baked potato with butter.

Day 3: all the fruits and veggies you want except bananas and potatoes.

Day 4: bananas and skim milk plus the soup course.

Day 5: 16 oz. beef and 6 tomatoes

Day 6: 2 to 3 steaks and all the vegetables you want. No baked potatoes.

Day 7: red rice, fruit and vegetable juice unsweetened

Make sure you eat at least one serving of soup per day. Don't be afraid to eat foods that are allowed on a given day.

The reason this diet works is you can't eat enough food to maintain your weight. Soups have almost no calories at all. And, even if you eat 8 bananas and 8 cups of skim milk in a day, you may still have less than 1,000 calories.

The recipe for the Cabbage Soup Diet is simple. You may make 2 to 3 pot for 7 days and heat one portion in the microwave. Food additives are also easy to prepare.

It is recommended that you wait at least a week after completing a cycle of cabbage Collection before you begin again, even if you have a lot of weight to lose. During the interim period, eat normally, but do not over eat.

And, it's a recipe for the Cabbage Soup diet.
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