Your Top 5 Word Games on Facebook

Are you addicted to Facebook games? If yes, you are just one of the many online users in the same boat. And it is easy to see why. It is because out of the many applications you can find on Facebook, the games seem to dominate the biggest proportion. The developers of these applications are simply amazing to even think of offering free online games to all age groups. And this is one reason why the games do not cater to a specific crowd but to many other crowds.

Have you played the word games on Facebook? They are one of the most popular game applications. Here are the top word games, in no particular order, and the reason why they are popular.

Word Challenge

Word Games

This one has been around for a while now and Facebook users can play it by forming as many words from the letters that are not grouped given to them and challenge other players in each round. In social aspect, it lets you see how you are doing against other users, who are actually your friends in the network.

Word Twist

This is a social game, where it takes four players (you and three other friends) for a new round. A series of letters given that you need to break it so that you can form from them as much as possible in the given time. A new round can be started by scrolling or selecting from a friend who also added a game application or by inviting them to play with you.

Word Twist is a multi-player application, in which players heighten their excitement as they play with others. They get to see the scores as they play. If no friends available to play when you go online, there are other similar games that don't need friends, such as the Path to Words or Scramble.

Hunt said.

The game allows the player to find a letter on the shelf letter page of their friends on Facebook and fill out the pockets of their own letter. When quite a lot of letters were collected into their bags, then words could be formed. Points acquired to form the words. Record or the complete ranking can be seen weekly and badge as well as the status of the players can be displayed in user profiles.

Word Wrangler

It is a game basically played like Scrabble, though with no opponents. Available in single and dual mode and timed when you play. The game features a simple concept, without a complicated game, but this is a game that provides games that offer a quick, pleasant and sunny where you see how you rank and/or how you fight other players or your friends.

At length

The game was popular for several reasons. First, it has single-player and multi-player options, which make it great for the players who regularly change their mood when gaming online. The game is also available in several languages, so it is not surprising that this is played by many Facebook users around the world.

Another reason is this game has several modes, meaning that there are a few word games available for players in one application. Wordy is a game which involves a longer session, a wide selection of social games, and quick and dirty game to game play challenging yet friendly. In addition, it has a unique rating system as well as various opportunities Board leader for gamers.

These are the five top word games Word that many players are not only interesting and entertaining but also train the mind at the same time.
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