What Causes Ear Ringing Buzzing, Humming or Whistling?

People from all over the world suffer from roaring, buzzing, humming, whistling and other annoying sounds in their ears. This is a condition known as tinnitus and it affects more than 40 million Americans alone. Some who suffer from the mild form only hear the noise at night or when everything is quiet around them. Others with more severe cases here their ear noises above all else. What are the ear ringing causes?


It appears that the reasons for such sounds can be very different from person to person. One of the most significant causes of tinnitus is the loss of one's hearing. As you get older, or if you suffer some sort of damage to the ear, certain parts become defected and can result in the kind of ringing or other noises inside your ears. Experts state that it is the cochlea, the part of the ear which we hear with, plays the most important role when it comes to tinnitus.

Some theories suggest that the brain becomes confused when it no longer gets messages from the cochlea so it then generates its own noise which could be one or more of the sounds described above. Too many or too severe ear infections could also damage the cochlea, as could too much ear wax, or sticking foreign objects into the ear.

Another popular belief is that over-exposure to loud noises is a big ear ringing cause. People who work in an environment that's always hard often suffer from the condition, such as military personnel, a concrete worker, construction worker, musician, grass cutters, etc. While working or in harsh environments, you can not hear the sound of the ear, but as soon as you exit the settings, they appear to bother you.

Another possible cause is head trauma. Some people say that bumping your head too often can cause injury sooner or later, or injury can eventually cause tinnitus. Others insist that too much coffee (caffeine) or alcohol is the cause.

Too much of either of these substances can over-stimulate the brain and lead to strange sounds in your ears. And finally, as with everything, stress can be a major contributor to imbalances in our ears. Stress can have a big impact on all of our body so it is only natural that it is also a possible cause of tinnitus.

Once you have an idea of what is the underlying cause of your tinnitus, you can start to take measures against it. Although the condition is not "officially" curable, there are several strategies that seem to reduce or eliminate it completely. Eating the right kinds of foods, avoiding other types of foods, light exercise, and reducing stress by means of various methods are some very general guidelines that you can use to take action against your tinnitus.

This article entitled "What Are the Ear Ringing Cause?" is not meant to substitute the advice of a medical professional.
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