The Basics of Mafia Wars You Need To Know

The social networking site has grown very popular over the last few years. They have made the world a little more because they help people find new friends and link people separated by physical distance. But, you will be surprised to know that this is not the only reason the social networking site has seen a significant explosion.


One of the most common attractions offered by online sites such as Facebook, Friendster, and MySpace is online gaming. If you have an account at one of the social networking site, there is a big chance you also played one of these games. Are you familiar with Mafia Wars?

The beginning

Mafia Wars is a multiplayer games produced by Zynga, the developer of video games located in California, USA. Currently, the online game is offered both on social networking sites as well as iPhone applications that you can download. More than 20 million people play this game, and have won awards such as the 2009 Webby Awards.

What you need to know about this

If you want to try playing Mafia Wars, there are some basic things you need to know to help you get started.

First, the main setting is in New York, and you can travel to another place when you level up. Currently, two other places that are available to the player were a Cuban (after reaching level 35) and Moscow (after reaching level 70).

Second, you should choose a particular character class in the beginning after you register. There are three character classes to choose from: Maniac, Mogul, and Fearless. They have different characteristics and it's up to you to choose classes that are customized to your preferences.

Third, you will have the energy, health, and stamina that you can spend in doing work against the enemy. It is measured in points, and subtracted for every action you do. Certain tasks require a number of specific energy points. Meanwhile, against other players require a number of points of health and stamina. When you use these points, they are recharged during a specific time period.

When you play Mafia Wars, you can recruit other players to join your mafia. Your mafia size also plays a big part in the victory you when you fight other characters. You can also have a business that will make money for you for a certain period. You can invest the money in the bank and use it to buy weapons and other property.

These online games have increased in popularity because it promoted competition spirit among the players. You get the achievement as you play, and you can collect booty while you perform your task. You can give gifts to your mafia Member, send them a package of energy, and even help them in their quest in the form against their enemies-with the prize. When you level up, you will face more challenging tasks and more prizes, and you'll get more influence.

During the preceding months, Mafia Wars has undergone several changes and developments. The new system is now available and applies to newly registered players. The old players are still using the old system. The game continues to grow and the players can expect to see more improvement in the next few days, all of which are designed to make the player experience better.
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