Social Facebook Games: Interacting Users and Building Network of Friends

When you have been around for some time, you may have been infected by the virus of the virtual application. You may find on your page that you have been stabbed, bitten by a vampire, finding a lost sheep in your yard, get a drink or more round, and given some flowers or trees, and many others.

Social Facebook Games

These are the results of the unique and entertaining Facebook games features. They allow the users and players to interact with each other making the games even more enticing as you build social relationships with other people. This is called social gaming.

The thousands of social games on Facebook have created quite a stir in the cyberspace, rousing the interest of more than millions of users around the world. There are now thousands of these social games that people have grown hooked with for the past few years.

So, what are the reasons behind this phenomenon?

Social games stand out from your regular games, which you play either separately on another web site or on your game console or computer. Social games allow you to throw sheep, zombies, gift your friends, bite friends with your vampire, and give hundreds of things to your friends on your Facebook account.

And not only that, you also get to challenge your friends by throwing them your high scores and urging them to beat you. On top of that, social games are endlessly growing more organically, allowing you to discover more and more unique items and features as months pass by. There are other social games that no longer need for the people to face each other just to have real time fun; an example is the online Facebook Poker.

Game results are displayed on your wall, so the entire network of friends you have knows what you are playing and how you are doing with that certain application.

They can continue to grow the network by inviting their own network of friends.

In addition to the invitations sent out to other users, the results displayed and game back talks are another way to stimulate their interest and eventually get them playing, interacting with you and other players, and having lots of fun by themselves as well. This social game group can have lots of challenges and fun by either beating score, slashing smack talks, taunts, and little dirty game play, enough to entice more people to play and join.

Innovative platform of Facebook social gaming brings users to interact with friends and other users of the site as well as other social networking sites that make users interact with one another. But the game and the real time applications takes a lot of pleasure and social consciousness around the world in the higher levels.

The Facebook games are definitely a phenomenal success in the virtual world. While it is not at all unexpected that the game developers of these applications make income out of the users (through the traditional advertising and urging people to use real money to buy online game money), the entertainment and the valuable social interactions players get to enjoy are undeniably bringing tons of fun time to millions and millions of users.

Who wouldn't, when it is like hitting two birds with one stone? You enjoy Facebook games and at the same time building a network of friends from different parts of the world.
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