Mole: Chocolate Recipe Favorites

Meat Recipes containing cocoa in it has aroused much attention. Few people know that most chocolate-related recipes have been around for years. Because the Aztecs appreciate Brown and believe in his ability, they use chocolate in every way!

Imagine this: your favorite meat and taste of chocolate luxury refined and subtle combined in one recipe that will make you a mouth-watering. We have it all here at Mole.

Mole  A Favorite Chocolate Recipe

History of Saucy

Mole is a delicacy that comes from Aztec Mexico. It comes from the word Molly, meaning sauce. New in the mid-17th-century chocolate added to the mol and now we know they are a Mole Poblano.

Chocolate Mole quickly becomes a sensation, a staple food during the holidays and special events, so that eventually became the national dish. Usually served as a sauce for chicken and have a bitter taste, pungent and spicy.

The Hot Ingredient

Mole is mainly composed of 10-30 material, is mostly spices-especially chili. Varieties such as Pasillas, Guajillos, Anchos, Chipotles and Mulatos typically used each providing a very different flavor when mixed quite scrumptious.

Other ingredients may include Cinnamon of Ceylon from Mexico also called canella, a type of sugar called Pilloncillo, plantains, pineapple, and peanuts. You can replace the raisins with dried apricots, tortillas, and instead of almonds, or sweet potato, not containing sugar.

Their bread Chilies

Secrets managed to bring spicy and charred on the mole partially burned most of his potion. Nuts, chili and other spices are roasted throughout the Pan; while tomatoes must be burned their skin becomes dark.

Other Mole Recipe

Mole Verde
Materials such as tomatillo, cilantro, epazote, Romaine Lettuce, and pumpkin seeds give this recipe a distinct green color.

Mole Coloradito
Spices include almonds, sesame seeds, garlic, Ancho, Pasilla, or banana Guajillo tangerines, sugar, tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, garlic and biscuits. The red color must be rich.

Mole Rojo
Mole Rojo is very similar to the Mole Coloradito but the color is brighter. Don't be mistaken, because much more spicy Rojo! Use the same material with coloradito but add more chilies, onions, Pecans, and chocolate.

Mole Amarillo
The ingredients for making these moles are garlic, cumin, onion, cilantro, black pepper, pepper, Ancho, Guajillo Costeno and chili, chilcoxle, Santa hoja and green tomatoes.

Mole Chichilo
This variety has a different sense of compassion. Chili used in this dish is the pasilla, Chilguacle Negro and Mulattos. For the flavor of anise, they use the leaves of the avocado.

Mole Mancha Manteles
You often see these moles have partnered with pineapple or plantain and have a strong sense of Ancho.

Mole de Cacahuete
Moles that you add to the peanut sauce chicken are mixed with chili.

Today, the mole is already available in local supermarkets and specialty stores and is usually available in green bottles, yellow or black pasta. Although popular as a sauce for various processed poultry, other meats can grow well with a little taste of this Mole Delicacy. In addition to being popular at weddings, vacations, Cinco de Mayo, and Quincenneras, Mexicans also offer Mole to the dead during Dia de los Muertos.

Obviously the world can't stop thinking about the many ways to use chocolate. Every reason to fancy in this delicious delicacy seems to be right! It seems to sort out brown bag is not enough, part of the pleasure of this paradise has also found its way into our kitchen as chocolate recipes that are exciting but not always!
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