Learn Some Strategies in Mafia Wars

A game designed by Zynga, Mafia wars has become very popular nowadays. In fact, now has millions of players. One of the useful motivations of such games is to expand and strengthen Your Mafia family by convincing your friends to join. To succeed in this game, you have to fight, buy property, level up, making money, grow a family, experience points, and more.


Because now very famous, it is not surprising that more and more people are now looking for ways to find a useful cheat game. Unfortunately, it's very difficult to find fraudsters on the Internet. This is because Zynga really good at fixing leaks particularly about cheating. When they discovered that the website has published an online fraud, they will act soon. But why do you need to find a con? Simple, you want to be strong and invincible in the game.

If you are polite, you can try to find some fraudsters by using Cheat Engine to change some variables. You just need to download a Cheat Engine and you can now check out the elements of the game and then deceive by way of changing variables such as health and stamina.

Some strategies that you can use in playing Mafia Wars are:

The fight

It is recommended to fight larger Mafia. The secret here is to choose people who have a huge amount of money proportional to the odds of winning the match. Before joining, make sure your money is low. This is important because they have more money should also lose more after losing the fight. Therefore it is important to buy property and business first before a fight.

Keep your welfare

The cost of restoring your health to the highest level depends on the amount of money you have. The rule here is: the lower your money, the more it is advisable to consult your doctor. Those who have large amounts of money often were asked by a doctor to pay a larger amount for their healing. Nevertheless, you should consider the amount you can earn from the fight because it can be smaller than the amount you have to pay for your doctor.

Buy property and business

Are you familiar with the theory of incorporation? This is also true in Mafia Wars. If you want to play and you are sure that you will not play again for the next hour, make sure to buy some property and business in advance. They will contribute to your income even while you play. Well it's okay wait until you collect enough money.

Increase your stamina by using skill points

Always useful to use Your skill points as it will help increase Your stamina which in turn allows you to do more work. If you do more work, you really prepare for any job. This not only gives you skill points but also points of defense and attack. Another tip is to improve or restore your health early in order to fight for a few rounds more.

Increase your energy level

The energy is very important in this game because it allows you to perform more missions that bring in the money.

These are just a few but help Mafia Wars strategies that will make you level up quickly and earn more money while still having fun playing a game of oh-so-addictive.
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