Insights and Facts Become Chocoholics and Its Advantages

The chocolate is really the kind of food that most people consider intolerable is sweet and delicious. Well, most of the chocolate aromas depending on the taste of chocolate is rich and delicious and satisfying our desires.


But beyond the feeling was, we don't know that the chemical reaction also works to the advantage of creating a good and satisfying flavor. For example, we can feel satisfied feelings and sensations are pleasant as long contented feeling after running or jogging on the field for several minutes.

Facts about chocolate really can not be achieved to generate the statistics or data. Chocolate contains substances called neurotransmitters and similar substances known as serotonin. These compounds have actions similar to Theobromine and Phenyethylamine that stimulates and works as an anti depressant.

But mere facts still unknown by scientists to explain what and how these substances and compounds 300 can stimulate our body and gives positive results in making us feel better and satisfied.

One thing of note is always bad effects or worry if there are harmful substances which we can get from eating chocolate or one of the millions of chocoholics. Someone who really love chocolate very worried to eat so much that they need to lose weight and to satisfy their wishes would only lead to. Other concerns include teeth rot for acne.

However, through some of the good intentions of our scientists to prove something, their group and other researchers began to disprove theories and myths about the dangers of this to love and eat so much chocolate. For example, rather than the fact that eating chocolate is a threat to a healthy teeth or it is thought that eating chocolate is only going to cause acne or even make it worse.

Although chocolate contains sugar and chocolate, both of which have the kind of antagonistic substances that tend to produce a type of mouth bacteria that will ultimately lead to the fear experienced tooth decay and other dental problems associated with decay.

According to a group of researchers from the Eastman Dental Center in Rochester, New York, they concluded based on their research that chocolate milk can donate components against any form of tooth decay. Through the composition of a substance known as Phosphates and other minerals that fight and prevent tooth decay.

Brown is said to not be consumed because this is not a healthy snack. Nevertheless, the components are basically high in magnesium and potassium. Brown also provided some vitamins such as Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin D, and Vitamin e. and if we mention about calories, a nutritionist or even a scientist can't claim that Brown is a diet food.

But then, in a Brown, average calorie is approximately 250 calories that far exceeded the level of someone in the diet to suppress their desires.

Some chocoholics Brown wash with a glass of milk that tastes good, but researchers and scientists have learned that this can only prevent the antioxidants are absorbed or consumed by the body. It is recommended that chocoholics should look for chocolate with nuts and/or orange rind, etc.

But not with caramel, nougat or other filler material because these flavorful fillings just add fat and sugar that are no longer important to the body and only this patch only. Throw a lot of benefits than can be obtained from eating chocolate.
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