Exclusive vs. Co-Ed Schools: Which is better?

Many parents can really indecisive when it comes to choosing whether to put their children in school or exclusive education together. Well, with so many people doing the famous personal and comes from both, and so much debate going on about someone who is better than another, it is natural for parents to have difficulty in deciding - unless of course they've got their bias. So let's discuss some of the reasons on which this debate is rooted.

Exclusive Schools

Educators and parents say that grouping of one gender in exclusive schools can give students more confidence and form their characters better. They can identify almost everyone in their schools because they have at least one thing in common: gender.

Thus, they do not need to worry about gender discrimination. In some countries where women are ranked lower than men in the community, certainly there will be discrimination or disputes between the two s*xes even among young children in school. The boys will be given priority and the girls will have limited options as possible in academics and extra-curricular activities. Thus, girls can develop a sense of inferiority or a mindset that they can't do some things because they couldn't afford it.

Gender discrimination can also appear in subjects or selected choice students. Many boys schools in combined schools think twice to take or concentrate in subjects and activities labeled as feminine, such as literature, music, arts and crafts, and design. That's because they assume the girls that might create unintended impression about them. Similarly, some girls at school combined think twice to join clubs and classes always tend to get more male students than female.

Students in the school of mix can socialize with people that age bracket with the opposite s*x on a regular basis. Thus, the ability of the students in these schools to better socialize with any gender is generally higher. In the same tone, not least the exclusive school graduates admitted that they had or still have trouble interacting with members of the opposite s*x. And they think it's because of their limited exposure at school.

Its homogeneity in the composition class, however, proved to be more advantageous for students who are experiencing mental or physical challenges. They have a lower tendency to compare themselves with others is too much and can find more support from more people with the same gender.

Many experiments also showed that students in school exclusive get better focus in their studies than mixed schools. That's because they don't have too many problems to deal with. Some examples are a simple matter of whether “crush on you" someone watching her and who liked anyone in the class. This may be a problem that is very shallow for *dults but they can be very annoying teenagers.

However, some research supports the view that children will have a more holistic education and better - socially, emotionally, and mentally - if they learn in an environment where both genders are present. Research tells us that middle school students can better in academic work and handle themselves well in public. With the presence of a member of the opposite s*x, a student is able to set the trend of violence better than in an environment of all boys or all girls.

Well, all this data and opinions may not help resolve a problem or answer a question about what kind of school which is better. But this at least should guide parents on what should be considered when determining the appropriate school for their children.
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