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Education Roundtable to Set New Benchmarks for Global Learning

The International Education Round table set up to discuss issues related to the main learning systems globally. International agencies, which consists of representatives from countries such as the US, Canada, Australia, China, Singapore, and Hong Kong, aims to create educational curriculum preparing students to become global citizens global educated in the future.

Education Roundtable

The Agency also recommended the recruitment and hiring the best teachers and effectively nurturing the principal. In addition, the Group also sets out the steps to measure and increase the impact of information and communication technologies in education.

Every year, it is common knowledge that nearly all of the Government spending billions of dollars to repair and reform education. In many cases, that kind of budget deals with the construction and renovation of school buildings. Whether these steps are enough to ensure a good level of education and of high quality? Why some schools perform so much better than the other? Is there a way to address the issue of education today?

The International Education Round Table gives greater attention to current international test results and benchmark reports. The group is responsible for bringing the issue of education reform to the international platform of the domestic agenda. Thus, the round table presents a good opportunity and feasible for global Education Minister to come and combine efforts in discussing a topic that becomes the top priority on the agenda of all.

There is a need for a different education ministers from around the world to meet so that there will be an effective exchange of ideas. The Minister can also increase their own educational experience in their countries, so that they can learn. When the cliché goes, one must learn from the mistakes and the lessons experienced by others. This way, innovation can be successfully measured throughout the system. They can be adapted and used by other people.

It also aims to identify some of the problems and challenges of other school systems around the world are currently facing in the midst of the current economic situation. Most of the participants of the round table meeting show that they think that education at this time still remain as one of the most important investment for the future. The Ministers are also committed to continuing to seek major improvements to their own school system, regardless of the current economic downturn.

When it comes to education, there are too many pressing issues. It seems that education is a very challenging subject. The majority of Governments globally are experiencing difficulty in meeting and deal with the challenges of education.

Approximately half of the total global population of children still does not attend school formal. What the Government should do with a problem like that? Of course, that kind of concern should be addressed by the Government not only as a collective entity.

The global Roundtable for education aims to formally seek a solution to the problem of education. It aims to increase and improve the conditions of the current education not only in developed countries but also in the whole world. There is a need to monitor how the performance of institutions and schools.

For one, it comes with a list of top schools could inspire educational institutions to do better. Second, a more obscure school could find a role model. Third, retrogression and major problems can be identified and addressed collectively.

The world must unite in the disturbing problem of education. One should expect such collective efforts meetings of the round table will not vacillate.
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