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Did you know that Google has a calorie counter myself? Calorie counters Google, found at you to keep track of your calories and manage food quickly and easily. You use Google Calorie Counter with Your custom iGoogle web page.

Google Calorie Counter

There are many reasons to use a running calorie counter. For one thing, it oversees how much you eat so you can control the rest of the calories and stick to your diet. For another thing, it gives you an indication of how much, or in rare cases, how little, calories in certain food items.

There are a number of programs both on the web and lets you calculate your calories. Many pieces of the online software allow you to keep a daily journal. And, PDA and iPhone have apps that let you do the same thing even when you're offline.

That distinguishes Google calorie is its location right on your iGoogle homepage. So, if you're using iGoogle, this could be a good option for you. You do not need to bring your machine or go into a separate site.

However, you must use a rather clunky iGoogle. If you have more than a few apps, iGoogle can load very slowly. And, if you don't have a variety of widgets, there's not much point for iGoogle, so this is a catch 22.

In addition, Google Calorie Counter is hard to use. There is no search function. Although covering all types of food including recipes and popular public brand, you must scroll through the alphabet to be physically the item falls into.

Once you find the item, you select and get into your food. You can choose main dishes, sides, garnish, deserts, and more for every meal.

Another problem with Google Calorie Counter is that it only has three main meals. Many dieters take the advice to eat five or six small meals instead of large breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There is a category "misc." Which can include snacks, but the program is rather inflexible.

There is a feature called "settings” that lets you include gender, age, weight, height, and level of your activity. This will give you "daily amount” to target. When you add food to the counter, you will be told how much of the total daily calories you use.

Google Calorie Counter is beneficial to dieters who have used iGoogle. It has a simple interface, although it is clunky. The constant reminder of how much calories you leave can force you to change your food choices later in the day.

However, for most people, there is a better alternative than Google Calorie Counter. If you are using a PDA or iPhone regularly, application for such a plan might be suitable for you and you do not need to connect to a computer to use it. If you have never used iGoogle, Google is not the reason Calorie Counter to start. Instead, check out the various food journal and calorie counter that is available elsewhere on the web.
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