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Because economic conditions are making schools and universities peeking inside long in their finances, deciding what program should proceed and what should be left out, it becomes important to redefine what's important and not.

Top Liberal Arts Schools

Now, more than ever, the humanities programs in most educational institutions have already stopped. Although for most programs, the effort and motivation of everyone involved appreciated, the simple fact is that those programs aren't important enough to run for a year or semester again.

Most liberal arts courses including history, literature, cultural studies, gender studies, language, religion, and art. These days, students who enroll in liberal arts program is not recommended. Some universities even refused applicants into the program.

When faculty members resigned or were transferred to other departments, some institutions no longer find replacements for them; want to retain their faculty member in the Department of philosophy of language or the minimal possible.

This is only temporary measures. Some universities are now seriously considering whether to let their humanities programs continue or let them die slowly but his death inevitable.

While one cannot help but lament the current state, budget cuts continue. As much as the University wanted to provide a liberal arts education to children, unless the economic landscape improves, it will continue to be beyond the reach of most students.

However, while liberal arts programs suffer in many universities, at the top Ivy League schools, Department of humanities continues to grow. Endowments, donations, funds and keep them alive. In these institutions, education of liberal arts is appreciated. Students taken, treated, are taught. The curriculum was developed. Time, patience, and money invested. They present the ideal breeding grounds for the education of the humanities.

But first, the student must have the financial means to get into the University and Institute

It's all too familiar, the long struggle between the rich and the poor. As they say, the Humanities can, once again, be "the province of the rich." Yes, disappointing, of course, especially the way economies have effectively cut out most of the humanities education population.

Under such conditions, the task will be much harder for academics in the liberal arts to get away from the perception of “ivory tower long ". And while it will be interesting to see the efforts of literature or philosophy of the development program that offers economic value in whatever form, in terms of academic institutions is good, will not be required.

However, the humanities are there to teach students every aspect of how to be human, to explore the human condition. And while critical thinking, ethical and moral taught, the main essence of the liberal arts school is thinking about life, about what we value in it, about what its meaning.

In the meantime, students who were able to attend the school of liberal arts major met with wine and cheese when they listen to poetry readings. Philosophy majors were able to argue to no end of various examples of Existentialism.
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